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Imani's P. O. V

It was beautiful day, well it's always a beautiful day here in the valley. I got out of my room and started walking to the main house. Actually the hostel where the workers of the farm stayed was separated away from the main house. It took us seven to ten minutes to get to the main house. The rooms where spaced away from each other, and each room had it's own bathroom. Their house up hill.

My father suggested that I came to work here for my school holidays. Only on Tuesday's I get to go home, then come back Wednesday to work. It's been a couple of weeks that I've been here and the work here is more then at home. My job here is to welcome visitors and show them around, with Zane. Zane is the guy I work with.

After we done showing them around we had to sit around and wait till the visitors ask us to show them another place they're curious about. Every Sunday, we go to town with Mrs Paul to help him out with shopping, mostly she buys food to fill up the stock.

Everyday at around three o'clock going to five o'clock, I have to take Bobby, the dog for a walk around the farm's parameters. It took me mostly two and a half to walk the dog around.

My experience here has been okay so far, I can't complain. This was my last week here, after it was back to school for me. With the pay I got here, I had to send it home to help out with whatever it can help with.

"Good Morning Mrs Paul," I greeted her as I entered the kitchen from the back door.
"Imani," she sang as she walked from the sink to the stove, "how are you doing today?"

"Well thank you, I'm just excited to see who our visitors are today," I gently pulled my left ear.
"They from the city," she stopped what she was doing and looked at me.
"This city?" I smiled.
"Nope, from another province (state/region)," she smiled back.

That was exciting, meeting people from a different province, "wow," I lifted both my eyebrows.
"Here, take these plates and put them on the outside," she pointed at the plates in front of me.

Mia's P. O. V

"This will be a very exciting experience," Mom sang as she joined everyone in the lounge.
"Right," My elder brother rolled his eyes.
"Like mom, why can't we go to the farm outside of town," My little sister complained.

"Because we are trying to experience something real, authentic not an artificial farm that's created to Carter for our needs, she explained.
"Who said we want something authentic mom?" I folded my arms.
"Yeah mom, who said?" My little brother emphasized my line.

"ALRIGHT EVERYONE SHUT UP ! TAKE YOUR BAGS AND IN TEN EVERYONE MUST BE IN THE CAR, RIGHT NOW!" My dad shouted at us. Our dad's voice intimidated us, he tell us to jump of a cliff and we'd do it. He was that strict parent, who didn't like arguing with kids.

We all silently mumbled as we went identified our bags and picked up what belonged to us. This was so unfair because none of us voted on this, it was chosen for us. A whole week at an authentic farm.

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