5• Your Highness, Nico Nico Nii

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"Nico di'Angelo."

"Sirius Black."

Nico smiled politely as he shook hands with a man that had ink black hair. He had a wolfish grin as he continued devouring his turkey leg.

Nico gazed at him fondly. For some reason, in the short time they'd talked before introducing themselves, the man had grown on him. Sirius was honest and his personality was like able. Nico turned back to his plate.

The smell of homemade cooking wafted around Nico. Turkey, potatoes, bread, yams–the aromas blended together deliciously. The dull colours of the walls only pronounced the scents more, highlighting them in a mouthwatering way. Nico felt at ease despite the many people around him– the food was heaven made edible.

He was seated next to Sirius and a girl named Ginny, across from Will. More people crowded the small table, making panic shoot through Nico at first.

Will had calmed him down, staring at him with cool eyes. Nico had noticed at that precise moment how much he loved Will's eyes. He also noticed just how much it was going to hurt if he– if he fell in– in–
Nico shook his head, fear and nervous excitement pooling in his stomach. He wasn't going to fall. He wasn't going to let emotions trap him. He was stronger than that. Right?

Nico couldn't help but look at Will, unexpectedly locking eyes. Nico didn't shy away or scowl like he always did, instead he admired Will Solace.

From his eyes, to his hair, to his lips. To the slope of his nose and the heart shape of his face. To the light tan skin that wrapped all around him. Nico wanted to reach out, to feel the boy, to assure himself he was real. That Will wasn't a fantasy.

Was that skin soft? Were those lips soft? Nico's hand twitched, itching to lean out without care of the situation. Will glanced to the left, breaking first. The son of Hades didn't look away, the boy couldn't look away, even though he always broke away first.

So it surprised him when Will looked back, cheeks turned pink, hands clasping nervously. The son of Apollo coughed, turning away suddenly to the right.

Nico tilted his head. What? He quickly looked left, catching sight of a pair of smirking twins. George and Fred. They winked with mirth.


Nico felt his whole face burn. He swiftly looked down, his vision blurred from embarrassment. 

Laughing too loudly, Will spoke and Nico thought he was the only one that could tell the nervous tone in it. "So Harry, since we're new, would you mind being our tour guide through Hogwarts?" Will stole a glance at Nico; Nico pretended he didn't notice, taking a sip of water.

Harry looked startled at being singled out but he answered. "Of course." Harry paused. "Talking about Hogwarts, how do you know Professor Dumbledore?" Harry played with his food, his fork shiny and clinking against the porcelain plate.

Will's smile froze momentarily. The blonde let out a sigh. Nico fidgeted as he prayed to the gods they had some sort of excuse.

"Actually, the truth is we met at a co–"


Everyone jumped up, stunned. Nico's eyes were wide as he turned around to face a very familiar voice.

"Heyy Nico Nico Nii!"

Nico reached up and yanked at his hair in frustration. This couldn't be happening!

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