Part 11

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Warning: Swearing because a6d.

    Clay was trying his best to handle Vincent. He didn't want him to do something the boy was going to regret in the morning.

"Vincent please. You are going to... mmm" Vincent cut his words placing his hand on Clay's mouth.
"You are talking toooo m-much." Vincent mumbled taking his hand off his mouth.

     He then placed one of his fingers on Clay's bottom lips, looking at his half open mouth. Clay looked in his eyes seeing some sparkles in Vincent eyes.

"Mmm... do you looove~ me?" Vincent looked in Clay's eyes.
"Y-yeah... but I'm telling you this just because you are drunk Vince." Clay sighted.
"Then kisssss me idiot." Vincent tooked his finger out of his lips presing his own on Clay's.

     I love his feeling so much. Why is he having so soft lips? He's so fucking cute.

     Clay kissed him back slowly, Vincent putting his hands on Clay's shoulders, his fingers playing with Clay's soft hair. Vincent broke the kiss and looked amazed in Clay's eyes.

"Yo-you are a-actually kissing g-gooood..." Vincent said licking his lips.
"Y-Yeah. Anyway. Let's go to sleep, it is.... 5:30. Come Vince." Clay let his body fall on the bed with Vincent in his arms.
"B-but i don't wanna sleeeep babe." Vincent fake cryed.
"Fist thing, don't call me that, I'm not your babe and second... you need to sleep, sleep is good for a drunk person. Come, you little baby." Clay sighted softly.

      Vincent cuddled in Clay's chest. Clay started to do circles on his back so he could sleep faster. When he heard soft snoring coming from the small boy, Clay relaxed and drifted into sleep too.

🌠 In the morning  🌠

Vincent POV

     Clay's bed is so comfortable. I don't remember beeing like this. Mmh... I want to stay like this forever, but someone's hands are on my back. Whether I got drunk and flirted with Clay and he ended up putting me in bed... or I got drunk and I got at some random girl or boy house and... I don't want to imagine the rest.

       Vincent, slowly but cautiously, opened his eyes looking up at the person he was standing on. His eyes open wider when he saw a shirtless Clay. He got up standing on his abdomen, looking at the lines that formed his beautiful abdomen, making him even more gorgeous. He blushed hard, looking away. His mind full of thoughts.

   I got that drunk... and we..? No, Clay isn't that easy.. to fall for a drunk me. Or is he? Oh my God... what if... no, I can't be that idiot to say that.

"I love you, stupid." Clay mumbled in his sleep, Vincent hearing just the stupid part.

   He didn't want to wake up the boy, but if he tried to get off of him, he couldn't do that. Clay's arms were around his waist. He sighed slowly and looked back at the sleeping boy. Clay's chest raised slowly, Vincent put his hands on the lines from his chest contouring them. His hands finally got at the end of them, near his boxers. A blush crossed, again, his face and he tooked his hands away, slowly putting his head back on his chest listening to his heart beat.
    Clay took his hands off him, yawning slowly and rubbing his eyes. He put his hands in Vincent hair.

"Good mornig Vince." Clay mumbled yawning again.
"How... how did you know I am awake?" Vincent stood back up on Clay's abdomen, with his hands on his chest."And why I'm on top of you?" he said blushing again.
"You got drunk again. I don't know why, but you came here and hugged me, then I got in bed and you sat on me. And you kissed me..." Clay bit his bottom lip blushing a little bit.
"And why you don't have your blouse on you?" Vincent asked looking at his abs again.
"You got rid of that, and you didn't let me put it on again, cause you were fucking glued to me." Clay said standing up so can face Vincent, Vincent again was in his lap.
"I-I'm so sorry, Clay. I-I... I don't know why I can't stop drinking... I'm..." Vincent started to panic.
"Hey hey. Is ok, but still..." Clay leaned to his ear "You, with your accent telling me in french that you love me, was pretty sexy, not gonna lie." he whispered in a low tone.

   He smirked biting Vincent ear slowly. Vincent tried to hide the fact that that made a shiver crossing his body. He was now red from the top of his ears to his chin. Vincent pushed Clay away hearing a little chuckle from him. Vincent looked at him embarrassed.

   Did I really sound like that, and I even say that? We actually did something fucking inappropriate? I didn't want him to find out in this kind of situation. What am I supposed to do now? Just kiss him? Tell him I was drunk and I don't really have fillings for him?

"Planet Earth to Vincent! Did you even listen?" Clay placed a hand on his cheek making Vincent to jump a little bit.

   He looked in Clay's eyes and put his hand on his.

"I think I'm still on Earth. But you are not going to be." Vincent pushed Clay on his pillows crawling on him.

   Clay smiled softly. Vincent locked Clay's hands on top of his head. Looking in his eyes, he kissed his nose leaving him alone. He got out of bed and went to the kitchen. He knew that made Clay confused as hell and maybe he knew he made him having his heart broken in millions because of that, but he didn't really wanted to see him, for a long time for now.
    He walked in the kitchen seeing Zak putting a bag with stuff in a support for someone that was laying on the couch. He looked more closely and saw Darryl smiling at Zak. Vincent hid himself to see what is going to happened, he saw how Zak sat down on his lap, kissing him slowly and long, then he got up looking in every direction. Vincent sticked to the wall his mouth forming a big smile.


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