Blind cupcake

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Fell cupcake POV

I got up and walked to the shower putting my hands on the wall to feel around the room as I made it to the bathroom I went to the shower and wash my self and then I walk back into my room and put on my new school outfit and grab my bag this is the first to going to school as I walked down the stairs I hear my mother and father talking.

I know they are worried about me but I want to have some freedom and have friends as I went into the kitchen I smiled and said raven! He chock on his coffee and said how the hell did you know I was here.

As he said this I giggled at him and said oh don't worry brother I know and can scents you here my mother then smiled at me she teach me how to use my magic to know where people or monster are.

While I was eating raven hugged me and said he will be by my side at all time's i smiles and nodded as we finished our breakfast we said our goodbyes and walk to school.

I held onto my pole with the ball to tap the ground so I know where I'm going I smiled as raven said he was helping walk to where I was going in a annoying talk I just giggled.

Raven POV

I was helping my sister walk to school as my friend's walked up to me and asked who's the girl I told them this about ten times that my sister is new to this school.

Ugh I told use like ten time's this is my sister cupcake she new my friends said okay and they walked with me.

Oh and cupcake talk only to me sorry about that guy's something bad happened to her I'm her past she can't see but she know's that you're there.

They where shocked to know that my sis was blind and they wanted to help her I check if they have the same classes as her.

I just want her to be safe I know fell pudding will take his chance to try and get her in bed with him and he might try and hurt her she dose not need to go throw with that again as we went to the office I said good morning to fell error and then I here my sister she was excited to here the fell error was the boss off the school.

Okay calm down sis.

Sir this is my sister her nickname is cupcake she blind but can use her magic from time to time to know where everything is and sorry she dose not talk much because off her past.

Fell error POV

No worries raven I know how that feels but since her accident how are you and you're family.

They doing fine mother is having a baby soon.


Anyways I put cupcake in with you're friend's but she also got art with pudding I try but they say that I need to put some away from there friends don't worry alright.

As the two nodded I seen cupcake smiling and she had her book open I chuckled and gave her my autograph in her book she smiled.

Now if you ever need me or anyone just go to Dream or fell Nightmare.

Pudding POV

I was about to go to my father's office when the door open up I seen raven and smirked as I seen this girl.

Raven what's up who the chick you got there he just rolled his eye's as the girl giggled I just blushed a little and raven was telling me it's his sis ah so let's see if she got my classes I snatched the timetable.

I looked into it and smirked look's like you're sister has the same as me for gym art history and English heh.

This is going to be fun I thought.

I handed back her book and left to go into my father's office.

Fell cupcake POV

I giggled at the one they called pudding raven friend help me to my locker as I smiled and put my stuff away that I don't need I hear my brother say okay sis you know where my friend's are there name's are classic palette and his girlfriend classic goth.

There's also the classic fresh and her brother horror and dust. Then the last one is killer but she helping out with Nightmare and the other three off our friends.

I hear my brother say I nodded and took a deep breath.

Thank you F-For you're HeLp.

I hear classic goth go aww at how I talk I blushed s-SoRrY I g-GeT really s-Scared to TaLk to everyone.

As I stoped talking I sigh and classic palette and classic goth hugged me I smiled as they said it's fine.

While we walked to class raven told me to be careful I nodded and written a note saying don't worry bro I'll be fine.

And I went into class as we sat down I got everything ready I can feel and kind see with the magic but I do get tired really fast because I'm using my power and magic to do this.

Killer POV

I told Nightmare that I'll be going now we set up the welcome party for cupcake and we waved goodbye as I got into class I seen cupcake she looked so adorable I went up to her and she said H-hI KiLleR I blushed as she still had that adorable stuffer I sat next to her as I hugged her and said.

Hello cupcake I missed you she smiled and try to talk but I stoped her and smiled.

I know you missed me two and I'm fine she was shocked to know what I read her mind.

As the teacher told us to write a role play off a horror story.

We all nodded.

I was half blind myself but I can see out off my right eye.

Dust POV

I seen raven sister I smiled as I told blue she had star's in her eye's I told her that she blind but she knows where everyone is by her power's she nodded and smiled blue kissed me and I kissed her back then we started on the roll play for the horror story.

As I was working I felt a chill go down my spine I looked around and see pudding looking at cupcake that's when I sigh and said shit softly so blue couldn't hear what I said.

This is not good he has chosen raven's sister off all monsters he goes for cupcake I won't let that happen.

Raven will kill us if anything happens to his sister again.

The bell rang for history to start so I took her to our class.

Hello I'm dust raven friend and on the left side off me is my girlfriend blue.

Hello cupcake you look pretty today.

I chuckled at how cupcake was blushing then I felt her magic go away oh hell I grab her and she also grab blue.

She looked at both off us and said in a worried tone.

I'm S-sOrRy I-i Didn't MeAn ...

Cupcake it's alright it's not you're fault come on let get you seated as we walked in as classic Nighty was sitting down and fell Nightmare smiled as he walked over to us.

Fell Nightmare POV

Hello cupcake it's nice to see you you're brother told me so much about you i know that you're magic just went now so you can sleep or rest in the chair.

Don't worry dust and blue will help you catch up with the work.

As I see her smile she hugged me and I chuckled as she let go and sat next to classic Nighty.

I watched as everyone else walked in as I started to talk and tell what we are doing I felt cupcake try to keep her eye's open I just smiled and whispered to myself come on cupcake take a rest.

It was not long that she fell asleep on blue and blue just smiled and keep working.

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