The Truth About Fire and Ice

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Chapter 1

Selena and I walked in the house in silence. How did this happen? Why did Haven do this? "I here." I said and gestured toward the living room. She nodded. "Wait here." I replied.  I left her and rushed to find Damen. I found him sleeping in his room and with one quick shake of his shoulder he was up. "What was that for?" He groaned and rubbed his shoulder. "If you wanted me to wake up you could have just knocked on my door. You didn't need to leave a bruise on my shoulder." He said, but stopped when he saw the expression on my face. "What is it?" He asked. 'It's Selena. She's back.' I said telepathically.  His eyes went wide. 'How? When?' He asked in the same way.  I shrugged and we raced down stairs together.

We peeked around the wall and saw that she was still sitting in the same spot when I left her. 'See! I told you.' I scolded. He grimaced. 'How do we know that's even her and not Haven in incognito?' He asked. 'Oh course it's her. She bear's our family's symbol you dork.'  I replied with my thought practically coated with aggravation. He held his hands up in a mock surrender. Slowly we walked into the living room. Selena looked up and smiled. "Damen, it's so good to see you again!" She said and leaped up and hugged him tightly. "I've missed you so much." She murmured. He just stood their and waited for her to release her grip. When she did she looked at me and said, "I missed you too." Before I could escape this madness she embraced me in a hug as well. This isn't adding up. How is it even possible that she's alive?

"I'll be right back." I said and darted out of the room. I flipped open my phone and dialed Tyler's number. He answered. "Hey Massie. What's up?" He asked. I told him everything that had happened and waited for him to respond. "Whoa. Are you sure it's her because Haven could just be......." He began to say but I cut him off. "I know it's her. Damn it! Why does everyone question me so freaking much?" He didn't respond. Life was so much easier when people just listened to me without questioning my judgment. "I'll be over in a few." He said after a while and hung up. When Tyler arrived I left him with Selena and Damen in the living room. I couldn't take much more of all this chaos today.  I went straight up to my room and drifted into a deep sleep. The peace and quite was like a god send to me. I welcomed it with open arms and an open mind. But the down side to it was that it denied me the privilege to dream.

Chapter 2

            The next day was much better. Tyler took Selena to the beach for her first magic lesson and Damen seemed much more cheerful. I went to the counter and poured myself a cup of coffee, grabbed my favorite book and sat on the back porch. Today I'm not going to worry about anything. Personally I think I deserve a day to myself. I haven't had one of those in 150 years.  I opened my book and began to read. Later on Damen came out and joined me on the porch. "You know, I never noticed how pretty you're eyes are. Just like moms." He said. I looked at him, confused by his words. "Well there a mix of emerald green and a dark sapphire color blended together. Very striking if I do say so myself." He remarked.

 I set my book down on the table beside me. I looked at him straight in the eyes and saw that he was up to something. But what? "What's special about today that you're blowing smoke up my ass?" I asked.  He blushed faintly. "Oh nothing really. It's just that have you ever noticed that we don't really see any other immortals that much anymore?" He asked. I took a sip of my coffee and said, "Yes I have Damen. But they have the right to come and go as the please." He nodded. I picked up my book and continued to read. "You're a happy girl out here in the open air, aren't you?" He asked. I small grin portrayed upon my face as I replied, "Today, maybe." "Well when do you get unhappy?" He asked. I frowned and said, "When bad things happen to people I care about." I hope Shay's alright. If anything happened to her life as I know it wouldn't be the same again. Damen placed his hand on mine. "Everything will be fine. You'll see." He said. I smiled. "Is that what the aliens said when they took off your tin foil hat?" I joked half heartedly to lighten the mood. He laughed and said, "Maybe, but I guess we'll never know will we? I smiled even wider.

Since we don't eat dinner we decided to take a trip to my dimension for a while. Selena was astonished at everything she saw. "Oh my god. Look at that and that. Aw that's so cute......" She babbled on for what seemed like decades. But I'm just glad to see her again. I glanced at Tyler and saw him looking at me. It seems like years since we had anytime together alone. But I guess that's the price you pay when you have a little sister around. He grinned at me, obviously ease-dropping on my thoughts. I grimaced at him in response. Clearly he agreed with me. "Massie, what's that?" Selena asked. She pointed toward a stone nearby that had some sort of engraving on it. I bent down and picked it up. But as it touched my hands it began to glow. I dropped it immediately and watched as a misty form appeared from it. It swirled around until it took the form of Shay. Or at least it looked like her anyway. She was tied up to a wall with tape over her mouth. Her eyes were filled with fear and pain. "What the hell is going on?" Selena whispered. I shrugged, to speechless to respond. I looked at Tyler and he shrugged as well. He didn't seem too disturbed by what we were seeing. I wonder why that is? I looked back at the misty image and saw it fading away to nothing.

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