Chapter 1: Tale Of The Sun And Moon

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It was a bright and warm summer afternoon during that very moment. The brilliant golden sun shinning in the sky, the soft chirps of birds soaring through the air and the graceful silence made the afternoon a pleasant experience to be in. But despite how lovely the afternoon was, it wasn't exactly as peaceful as one might think.

This is due to the accompanying sound of the rapid crunching of grass and leaves as well as the heavy pants that belonged to a young child

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This is due to the accompanying sound of the rapid crunching of grass and leaves as well as the heavy pants that belonged to a young child. From within the green foilage of a forested area, there a small boy ran as swift as his little legs could carry him with his short spiky locks bouncing with the breeze along with the wore a grey kimono held closed by a dark green sash with magatama adorned around the collar, darker grey pants and sandals on his feet. Just by taking a glimpse at the multiple beads of sweat on his face and his dark eyes now the size of dinner plates, no emotion better describes what he was exactly feeling at the moment, complete unspeakable fear.

The terror began to worsen on the boy's body and had somewhat motivated him to run even faster than before when he heard the approaching speeding footsteps from behind.

"The heck! Why?! Of all the things in this world, why do I have to get caught in this nightmare?!" He loudly cried and continued on heaving in heavy breaths as he ran.

That's until his legs finally gave up on him and his speed was beginning to decrease by the second he goes any further. He eventually came to a pause, leaned his back against a nearby tree, slid down until he was now sitting on the grassy earth and began breathing heavily.

"Did you really think you can escape me?!"

The moment he heard those very words as well as the sound of the familiar voice, the boy's body then trembled in fear, his eyes widened even more and more sweat began dripping down his face. Despite the fear of meeting face to face with the demon towering above him, he somehow had enough courage to slowly lift his head up to meet the danger that was about to come. There standing before him was another boy who seemingly looked years older than him who had long brown hair cut short on top, dark eyes and he as well wore the same grey clothes as he, only the sash around his waist was a dark blue.

The older boy just stood there, a hand on his hip and his presence had somewhat brought in a dark and sinister aura as he shot an evil grin at the now quivering younger boy.

"It's a bit of a shame that your slow, looks a lot like better luck for you next time!" He added and began menacingly making his way towards the other boy.

Every step the evil boy took, the fear and terror on the little boy began to worsen as he pressed his back against the tree even more as some sort of failed and desperate attempt to back away from him. The very moment the older boy then lifted his arm towards him, oddly startling the boy even more. The exact moment the sinister boy's hand was right in front of the small boy's face, he then flicked the boy's forehead, leaving it to flung back a bit until the back hit the wooden trunk from behind him.

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