The Ending To Swavis.

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(A/N) Trigger warning, there will be slurs. The only character that's mine is Tristan. To read the rest of the book, it's on Tree_Hugger1987 's profile. To those who followed the plot, thank you.

On the trip back home to Texas, the car buzzed with cheer and happy energy. They were so excited, Davis and Sweeney already discussing some parts to their wedding, Tristan and Bruce shit talking in the back while Brian was on his phone and Jay was sleeping.

"Did you think we'd get this far, Bruce?" Tristan asked his metaphorical brother. Yes, they were adopted, but Tristan had a secret. A deep secret.

"To be completely honest with you, not at all." Bruce replied, playing with Tristan's light brown locks. He peeked a little at the devil horns that poked through ever so slightly in his fluffy curls. Tristan's eyes wandered slightly back to Bruce, biting his lip as Bruce lightly tugged. "I thought we'd just stay at the orphanage." Tristan sighed, then his gaze shifting to the window and watching the landscape glide past them.

He was in love with Bruce, critically.  Even before they were adopted, since they met. There never was a good opportunity to tell him.

For some reason Tristan knew he'd remember this trip for the rest of his life.


As soon as they arrived to their house back in Texas, Bruce was fast asleep on Tristan's shoulder, Tristan's head leaned against the window.  Brian was still on his phone, Jay doodling some satanic shit about drugs? It wasn't clear.

Tristan nudged his shoulder lightly,  waking Bruce. Bruce was groggy and drowsy. "Where are we?" Bruce questioned.

"We're home, boys." Davis chimed, happy to be home as Sweeney's ring glistened in the moonlight. Patrick admired it, looking away with a smile. The two dads opened the trunk of the car with all of the suitcases,  everyone helping to get everything back inside the house.

Bruce collapsed onto his bed, the suitcase sprawled on the floor. Tristan went into their room, mustering the courage to tell Bruce about his little "secret". Then the phone rang. Tristan's attention shifted, putting his suitcase away. "No, I cant tell him. Too soon." Tristan sighed, thinking to himself.

"Everything alright?" Bruce asked. Tristan replied swiftly with a small "Yes."

There was no way in hell he'd ever tell him.

Davis picked up the phone. His boss, the principal, on the other line. "Hello?"
"Davis, you'd better explain yourself or your face won't be shown at this school ever again."


"You heard me. We've gotten reports that you and another staff member had... intercourse.. In a classroom full of kids. Is this true?" The principal spoke.

"I-Uhm-Uh.." Davis stammered. He couldn't find any words for the life of him, much less anything else.

"You have until Wednesday to clear out your classroom, got it?"

Davis replied with a "Yes Ma'am," hanging up the phone and tears streamed down his face. He sobbed loudly, not being able to stop as Patrick heard, rushing into the room. "Ty, what's wrong?"

Davis incoherently stammered out a small reply, his face red and tear stained. "I-I lost my jo-job... They know..." He stumbled over his words, sobbing intensely. Sweeney looked like he had seen a ghost.

Tristan, Brian, Bruce and Jay heard everything,  lingering beside the doorway. Tristan sighed, his brows furrowing. What would happen? Would they go back to the orphanage? It didn't matter,  as Bruce's facial expression filled with sheer terror and panic.  Tristan grabbed his hand. "Hey, it's gonna be okay, I promise." He whispered.

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