That Old House

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I run. I just want to get out. I run away from that house.

As fast as possible

Far far away.

This house is crazy. That thing is crazy. I never had this experience before. I hope i never ever have again.

Can ghost kill people? Can ghost eat people?

My mind started to think terrified things. And it never stop.

When i was 19, i am a college student and looking for part time job to pay my tuition. At that time, not having money are the real grudge.

I finally deal with some real estate company whom business is to sell or rent houses. My job is to find client. Whenever i succeeded in client deal, i got commission. Several days work, i got several small clients.

My first big client are expatriate. They want big house for their 8-family member in strategic location with limited budget. This request is almost at its due-date. All of my co-worker can't handle this client so they just ignore him. 

I catch this opportunity and found an old house at our company inventory. The location are strategic, near everywhere and the rent are quite cheap. that house is perfect!

I was wondering why my co-worker didn't catch this house before. 

I emailed my boss and co-worker, asking, but they are all seems late reply. I contact Mr. Mak the security house, and he agree to accompany me visiting the house before presented to our client. I dont want to miss this opportunity.

And so, i visit that house. When I first came to the house, I feel.... scared despite the house is okay. I swear I feel cold despite we are in the middle of June. The sun is so bright and the sky are so clear but this house are so dark.

Mr. Mak, my company are so quiet. His skin pale like the dead. He just follow me around despite in voice-call he sounds cheerful and talkative.

"Mr. Mak, thanks for accompany me," said me trying to open the conversation. Mr. Mak just stared me deadly.

I touch his hand. Maybe he is broken..?

His hand is cold. Normal people didn't have this temperature. I look at him. He looks stoned.

My heart start beating faster than Shinkansen train. I started to sense a danger.

Ring... ring... ring...

My phone ringing. I was taken aback. My phone ringtone was so loud in the middle of dead house. I take the phone. Its from unknown number.

"Hello Ms. Ra. How are you?"

"Fine. Who is this??" Ask me.

"This is mr. Mak." Said him.

And then my heart stop beating....

That man on phone continue to said something horrible.

"I was wondering where are you? Its already 10 a.m and we promise to meet at 9. I was waiting you for an hour."

Then who...?
Who is people that stand beside me?
Who is people that i touch his hand now?


I look at him in horrible way. He still stoned and pale. Like a dead people..... really really dead.

Mr Mak on phone keep continue. "Listen, i know that house is weird. Have a history of murderer a whole family and people keep seeing a thing. A weird, ghostly paranormal activity thing. Thats why no one care for that house again."

"But i can assure you, this price is amazing and you will never find another house better than this. I mean, that rich people who will rent the house rarely at the house, right?"

I don't pay attention anymore.

Because that man i hold his hand is started to smile.....

His smile wider and wider and become the widest smile i ever seen.

His teeth are the worst shape i ever seen. Yellow, big, sharp, almost like a shark

His eyes also getting bigger and bigger.

I took away my hand.

And then he started to say... "Am i get caught???"

I run.

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