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be warned! the following contains LOTS OF SPOILERS! do not read if you have not read legacy!

seriously, go back if you haven't read legacy. it's a good book and I don't want to spoil it for you.

i'm serious.

spoilers in 




ALRIGHT! here are my thoughts on legacy.

sophie (and the song twins):

- sophie's really out there being a whiny little potato, and it makes me so annoyed

- like who told her it was okay to poke her nose in other people's business

- mind your own frickin' business

- stop trying to feel included

- and don't get me started on the lack of the song twins

- i bought legacy 85% because of tam song

- otherwise known as the love of my life

- although he's tied with keefe

- and sometimes fitz

- and dex

- but sophie barely even worries about him

- linh's brother and best friend was taken away from her

- and sophie's like oH nO fiTZ haTES mE nOW, kEEFE HELP

- like she didn't even TALK to lihn, to ask how she was

- thank god for marella

- i'm sorry tam and lihn

- maybe you should rethink your choice of friends

- okay maybe I'm being too harsh on Sophie

- or that's what you think

- because now we are going to discuss sophie's treatment of queen oralie


- oralie's councilorship is on the line and sophie's like oH My gOsH oRaLie I CAnT beLIeve YOU let yOUR daugHTeR gEt exPiRimeNtEd oN

- what the heck

- you could've been lady Candace's daughter

- screw lady Candace you could've been lady Gisela's daughter

- screw lady Gisela you could've been Alden's daughter

- but nOOO you're stuck with the kindest, prettiest, and most wholesome person in the lost cities

- sophie your friend is literally stuck with the neverseen's leader as his mother

- and you're like "councilor who-shall-not-be-named was standing way too close to Sophie than she should have"

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