32• Mr. Gay Australian Hunk Say WHAT?

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32• Mr. Gay Australian Hunk Sat WHAT?

THE locker room was empty once I got out of the shower following Monday's practice

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THE locker room was empty once I got out of the shower following Monday's practice. I walked back over to where my bag was and quickly threw on my after-practice sweatpants, then using my towel on my hair before throwing it in the locker room hamper. I shook my head and let beads of water fly around the empty room.

Or so I thought it was empty. Until a voice started speaking to me.

"You shake your hair like a wet dog," Alexander said with an amused smile on his face.

"I am a wet dog," I said, digging through my duffle bag to find my deodorant. "What up, Alexander? Thought the locker room was empty. I was totally about to burst into song and dance."

"I wouldn't put it past you considering your high school musical act," he said and my head snapped in his direction. He laughed. "Alex told me."

I sneered and turned back to my duffle bag. "Great. That's two more people that know about my drunken Zac Efron moments," I muttered. "So what's up?"

"I've gotta talk to you. It's about Alex," he said.

I gulped. The first thing that came to my mind was, Oh shit, he must have seen me all up in her business during laser tag last Friday.

Was Alexander about to punch me? Or shove me into a locker? Was he about to go all Tyler on me? Oh, God. What if he saw me practically seducing Little Hamilton during laser tag and now he hated me, told Tyler about what I did, and they were both in the locker room about to ambush me?

I spun around as I found my deodorant. "Look... Is this about—"

"Laser tag?" Alexander interrupted.

"Dammit, look, it's not what it looked like, okay?" I defended, but even that was a lie. It was exactly what it looked like. "It was just a casual little game of laser tag and I might have gotten a little caught up in the moment. I mean, you said it! Laser tag is surprisingly seductive, and-- and it is! I mean, not like I was trying to seduce Little Hamilton, obviously not! Pshh, I have Hannah! But like... the atmosphere was just getting to me--"

"Crowley, Campbell, hush," Alexander interrupted. "Stop squirming. I'm not here to kick your ass. And I didn't bring Tyler either."

"How did you know I was thinking that?"

Alexander chuckled. "Because I know you, Campbell," he said. "I'm not here to kick your ass for trying to seduce my girlfriend. Or... my ex-girlfriend."

My eyes widened. Ex? "You and Little Hamilton broke up?" I asked and he nodded. "Why?"

They were all up in each other's business on Friday night. I mean, at least he had been. He was the one going around and kissing her forehead, her cheek, holding her hand, wrapping his arm around her waist, and pretty much every little romantic gesture in the book. So what happened between then and now that caused them to break up? I couldn't even think of something that would--

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