Most students would be nervous for being outside the Headmaster's office. Well, that definitely didn't apply to me. I had been here so many times that's I didn't even consider it necessary for me to knock. Dumbledore must have known that I was waiting outside because the heavy iron door for his office opened widely just when I raised my hand to knock it.

"Come in, Anne! Come in!" I heard Dumbledore's voice from the inside

As almost every time I had got into the office - and believe me, they're uncountable - he was standing near his desk. That night he was holding a book in his hands but I could feel that he was expecting me.

"I'm very happy to see you, Professor," I said as he was getting in.

"So am I, my dear Anne. So am I," he said embracing me when I reached him and patting me lightly on the back. "Please, sit," he said offering me the chair in front of his office and sitting opposite me. "How was your summer. You spent your holidays with the Lovegoods, if I'm not mistaken," he said putting some tea in the tea cups that were set on the desk.

"Yes, I spent it with Luna," I answered politely, while Dumbleodre gave me the tea cup, not caring asking me how much sugar I needed, since he already knew the answer after so many times I had drunk tea with him. No sugar for me. Only a touch of milk.

"Good people the Lovegoods," commented Dumbledore. I just smiled and nodded. "So, how are your lessons going?" he continued after a small pause.

"Everything is going just fine. It's a bit more difficult this year. I have added two more classes to my schedule but I guess I'll be okay with some luck."

"You don't need luck. You are one of the most intelligent witches I've ever met in my entire life," he said with a bright smiled. "Just the same as your mother," he added silently while lowering his eyes.

"What?" I asked half-closing my eyes as he automatically raised his head with wide open eyes.

"Hm?" he asked, as if nothing happened but in his eyes I could see the regret of letting something slip from your lips without even thinking about it.

"What did you just say?" I asked but he just stared with his eyes getting darker and darker every second. "What do you mean just like my mother. My mother was a muggle. How can you know, if she's smart or not? Did you... Did you know my mother? How could you know her?"

"I'm... I'm sorry Anne. I must have been mistaken. I didn't know your mother. It just... slipped. I don't know why I said that..." he said avoiding my eyes. And this way I knew he was lying.

"Professor, you must have had a reason for saying that. Did you know my mother? And if yes, then how?"

"What makes you think I have something to hide?" he asked but there was guiltiness in his voice.

"I don't know, sir. I don't like being so bold but I do see it. In your eyes," I said quickly.

"Well, I've told you the truth. It just came out without meaning anything. I don't know why I said that. Now, you can go back to your studies," he said quickly standing up and heading to his big library, acting like he was searching for a book.

"But, sir-" I made another effort but it was pointless.

"That will be all, Anne! You may go," he said quickly.

I sat immobilized for a moment as Dumbeldore never treated me this rudely. After a few seconds, I stood up and started walking towards the door.

"You know that I know that you're lying about something." I said while I was walking out of the office, without stopping for a second to look back at him. But I knew that he had heard these last words and the last thing I cared about was if he was judgmental with me.

I wasn't used in talking that rudely. But I knew Dumbeldore for a long time and it seemed that there was something more to us that just a typical relationship between a student and a teacher. Now there was something he was lying about and I didn't want to believe that it was a slip of the tongue. Dumbledore never had these.

Back to the question that troubled me so; did he know my mother?

*     *     *

I told Luna everything about what Dumbledore had told me and as I expected, she reacted with no surprise.

"Well, I told you there was something more behind this!" she said putting down her book.

"I know, and you were right. You must had seen his face. I was sure he was lying about something. Why would he lie about my mother? She was a muggle and did know her, did he?"

"I have no idea. What's sure is that Dumbledore is hiding something from you. I knew it was no coincidence that he has created this bond between him and you. Well, the joke is on him now. He has gotten so close to you that he accidentally let slip the truth!"

"So what should I do now, Luna?"

"I suggest, the next time he summons you to his office, you ask him again. Just try to be a little calmer next time. Sometimes you can't hold your thoughts into your mind," she said with such a sweet voice that she made it sound more like a complement than something that I should remedy.

"Here, I should probably tell you," she said, "there was someone looking for you at the library."

"Looking for me? Who?"

"Draco Malfoy was. He was trying to find you everywhere. He asked me if I had seen you and I told him you'd probably be at the common room."

"Wait, Draco was looking for me?" I asked with my eyes opening wider and wider every second.

"He was," answered Luna and raised an eyebrow.

"Luna, tell me exactly what happened. What did he say?"

"Well, as I said, I was at the library, studying. I did notice that he was studying somewhere near me but he was also looking around me as if he was expecting you. When you didn't show up he came up to me to ask me. I just told him you must have been at the Common Room and then he said 'Well, she has been coming here every afternoon and I was hoping to see her again.' After that I made to go but he stopped me and begged me not to tell you that he was asking for you."

I didn't want to smile so I smiled only in my head. So judge me.

"Anne, I never jump to easy conclusions but this doesn't look good to me," said Luna and hearing her admitting something like that felt so foreign in my ears. She never had anything bad to say about anyone.

"Draco might not have been the best charm in our Spell Book but it doesn't mean he is not now."

Luna was looking at me mobilized by my words.

"I mean..." I tried to say, "people can change sometimes."

"I am sure they can," she admitted sweetly. "Here I should add that I saw him knocking a first year's books this morning."

Luna and I fell in silence. We thought about this over and over to understand the details and didn't speak.

"I am simply worried, Anne," she said and held my hand.

This brought a new thought in my mind. If Luna, the only person in the entire school who I knew to be non-judgmental and free of any close-minded thoughts was, was worried with this situation, then it was almost certain that there really was something to worry about. If she herself could say that Draco didn't seem changed at all, that was most likely the case.

"I am, too, Luna," I said. "But even if I wanted to avoid him, I feel like I'm getting a bit unavoidable."

*     *     *

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