Chapter 45 Lean on Me

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Chapter 45


"Benji, this is my friend Chris.  Chris this is Benji."  I introduced the two of them and chuckled as they looked each other over, sizing up one another with overprotective posturing.

"So you're Chris."

"So you're Benji."

Benji had sat down on the bed and wiggled his way back until he was sitting next to me leaning against the pillows.  He kicked his shoes off onto the floor and stretched out his legs, making himself comfortable.  Like he belonged here.  I smiled and leaned my head back against is shoulder as he slung an arm behind me.

"How did your exam go?" I asked him.

"Pretty sure I aced it," he replied confidently, "I'd better have or Ajax will take a cane to me!"  I looked at Chris and his face paled.

"I'm just kidding," Benji quipped, with a "not" under his breath so only I could hear.

"Well, I'd better head out," Chris said, "give you guys a chance to catch up.  Do you need anything before I go Finn"

"No thanks, I'm good.  Thanks for coming Chris."  I leaned forward so he could give me a quick hug, then he gave me a small wave as he headed out the door.

"I'll come back and see you tomorrow!"

After Chris left I leaned back into Benji's shoulder and snuggled into his side.  "So how are you doing kiddo?" He asked.

"I don't know, it's all been so crazy, I'm still trying to process what happened."

"Well I've heard most of it, but why don't  you tell me from your perspective, maybe I can help you make sense of it," Benji suggested.

Before I could start we were interrupted by a young nurse who walked in with a clipboard.  "Oh," she said a little uncomfortably looking between the two of us, "I saw your friend leave and wanted to check on you.  I thought you were's getting kind of late for visitors."

Benji quickly leaned forward and held out his hand.  "Hi, I'm Benji, I'm Finn's big brother."  He flashed her one of his perfect 10 charming smiles and I saw the girl almost swoon.  "I flew out from L.A. the minute I  heard Finny was in the hospital.  I really don't want him alone tonight, is it okay if I stay with him?  I'll make sure he gets a good night's sleep; lights out at 11." 

She looked at me and Benji nudged me gently in the side out of her view.  I flashed him a look and he wiggled his eyebrows as if trying to tell me something.  What would Benji do....Aha!  I looked back at the nurse and gave her what I thought to be puppy dog eyes.   "Please!"  I said pathetically, I wasn't too practiced at the puppy dog look, so I'm sure I looked more like I was constipated, but it seemed to work.

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