Chapter 2

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Kairis pov : I woke up in the middle of the night because I heard Mattias phone go off. I tried to get up to shut the phone but then I realized Mattia was spooning me. I could tell I was blushing and for some reason I couldn't stop smiling.

I heard Mattia shuffle in bed a little before sitting up. I told him someone was calling him. I don't think he realized he was spooning me. He apologizes and after that lays back down and as soon as he laid down he pulled my waist so my body is closer to his chest. "Good night Kai." I felt so warm inside. I can't describe the feeling.

Mattias Pov

I feel Kairi trying to sit up. Kairi didn't try again after he realized I was spooning him. I peaked and could see him blushing. Kairi is honestly the cutest human being I've ever met.

I sit up and after apologizing to Kairi for
waking him up I lay down. I knew Kairi wanted to be held again so I didn't hesitate to pull his wait until his body was close enough to my chest. I saw him smile and right after that I said, "goodnight Kai" while wrapping my arms around the tiny wasian boys body.

Kairis Pov

It was morning and I couldn't find Mattia anywhere. I go quickly into the bathroom to wash my teeth and face. I make my way downstairs and there he is. He was cooking eggs, bacon, and toast. He looked over at me and said, "I made breakfast have a seat" I sat and he brought breakfast to the table. Breakfast was pretty fast, neither one of us spoke we just sat on our phones. After breakfast Mattia suggests we should watch a movie.

Mattias pov

Kairi and I decide on a scary movie. It was pretty cold so I asked him to bring over some blankets. The little wasian boy made his way to the room to go get blankets. He brought two but gave me the smallest one. "Ayo Kairi I should get the bigger blanket!" "Nah sorry but I'm cold and I want the big blanket." Right after he said that I wrapped the smaller blanket around him and snatched the bigger blanket and put it over both of us. I had my arm around his hip. After that he put his head on my chest and we watched the rest of the movie. Wait, why was I feeling this type of way over my best friend. I'm straight, at least I think I am

Authors note: I made the chapter longer this time 😏. Anyways should I keep writing or just quit this story?

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