to show my devotion.

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i was fascinated by your appearance

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i was fascinated by your appearance.

i don't know what your eyes are like, but i have seen the affection in them, given to your past lovers. i don't know what your lips are like, but i can almost taste them by the brilliant smile you've dedicated to all your 'before's. i craved the way you loved them, wondering how beautiful they had to be in your eyes, and how much they had to tolerate, before crumbling away. 

is it like the look that i have towards you? with the excrutiating pain, yet it was warmth to the bone; endless grief, filled with obsessing attachment. 

you, are like a temple, that i dare not pounce.

i just kept on watching you the way people call it perverted.

i thought i was your daydream.Where stories live. Discover now