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•{ Tori's POV }•

I woke up this morning oddly happy and feeling complete. It was strange for me.
I mean I was happy with my mother but I always felt like a big part was missing and it wasn't just because I didn't have a father.
It was always something I couldn't put my finger on but it was like everything within me was screaming trying to tell me and I just couldn't understand it.

Now I do. I belong here. Not just because I'm blood but it's who I am.


I got a shower and got dressed in work out clothes and decided not to put any makeup on.

I wanted to explore this castle like place.

I slept threw breakfast and it's almost lunch so I decided to feed my curiosity some more before I feed my body.


As I was looking threw every door I could get in ; Diego crossed paths with mine.
Like literally. I almost ran into him turning around the corner.

"Diego. I thought all of you were busy today."
I say to Diego not really expecting an answer or anything.

He nods his head to the left which is where the gym area is..

"You are going to the gym?" I ask

He nods and starts to walk away so I follow him. Because I'm bored. He doesn't stop me so I continue to follow him till we reach the gym where he goes over to the left and picks up two staffs. He throws one at me luckily I catch it even though I was caught off guard.

"I'm assuming you are going to train with me..." I say knowing he probably won't say anything back

I see his lip twitch like he is trying not to smile then he nods as he swings the staff towards me.
I do the same stopping his before it hits me.

"You should know I've never done this before.."
I say and he nods

"But do me a favor and don't take it easy on me.." I tell him and this time he smirks

We continue sparing or whatever you wish to call it for almost an hour. I had gotten knock down like three times on my butt and a few other times I would've been dead had it been an actual weapon. I'm sure I'll have a few bruises but I've also got a few good hits on Diego, surprisingly.

The very last time I even managed to knock him on the ground with the staff which he didn't even seemed surprised by.

I held out my hand with a smirk and helped him up like he did me each he knocked me on the ground.

"It only took an hour.." I say

"It took Luca two.." Diego replies

"Seriously?" I question

Diego nods

"How about everyone else?" I ask

Diego shrugs

"What now?" I ask

He smiles and starts walking towards a door in the gym it opens and I see a shooting range.

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