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I mean
I'm sorry
I shouldn't be mad at you just nw

It's okay....I can understand you
I shall be the one who apologize

No it's my fault
I'm sorry

Then fine.
Anyway I just want you to know
Even you're mad at me
I still have to tell
In your life there are many things
that go against you
But you can't help
The most important thing is
you find your way to get over it
And also
There are many things in life
which you have to do
even though u don't want.
For example going to school...?
But even we don't like to go to school
But still, we work hard
to get good result right?
It's because we don't wanna regret and wanna have a better future
And now it's the same case.....
Whether you accept it or not,
you're blood related with him.....
I may be annoying but
I just don't wanna see
you regret in future
It's really the last time
and the only chance to see him
But it's up to you.
Whether you wanna go or not.


Yohan and I haven't talked for about one week. Not only him actually, mostly also with other members since we prepare for our own performances. Yohan and I only meet each other when we have classes but aftef classes we rush to our own dance practices. Sometimes we will meet each other at PDX camp coincidentally but we don't really get to talk. Same goes to jinhyuk they all.

And finally the semi final comes.

"Calm down guys, it's not the first time we perform on stage. Calm down calm down...." Yumi keeps walking around in our room.

"Yumi you shall be the one who calm down, you're making me a headache" Hana pulls yumi down to sit beside her.

"I just can't help....this is the first time I got this kind of dance so....hehe"

"Yah, Let's do our best okay? No matter what's the result, just make sure we enjoy" I sit on the couch saying patiently.

"Wow y/n sounds pro woooo" Yuna who just done taking selfie with Suzy turns to say, "hey let's take a group photo okay? We haven't taken photo together so far"

"Woah you just make me realize we haven't kept our memories!" Yumi says while we others surround Yuna and Suzy together.

This time is different from last time, last time we all used to wait at the same waiting room with other contestants. But this time all groups are separated and asked to stay in our own rooms. Perhaps they just wanna stay mysterious? But by the way, we still have tv in our room to watch the performances.

"Guys welcome back to our Busan Dance KPOP Festival semi final!" Woah Sihun is the MC for today? He's so handsome and cute at the same time.

"Let's welcome the first group"

After a few performances, even donghyun, hyeongjun, donpyo, and soyeon with minha performed already, we're getting nervous because you know what, our group is the last.

"Next, welcome Got You group!"

Got you??? Me being crackhead when listening to the group name but guess what, this group is Yohan's group.

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