Chapter Twelve | (Ghost) Riders in the Sky

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"The timing has to be perfect." Boss's words were heavy as lead with importance.

Gideon was fidgeting with her tool belt. A thing much more complex in practice than it looked. She had proudly displayed it to Cash only moments before, detailing the use of each device that ran along its leather base, hidden in plain sight as a garish and piratical looking fashion accessory. Finally satisfied, the Vox slipped it over her head, where it rested across her chest like a sash.

"How much time will I have?" Gideon asked, her hands shoved deep into the pockets of her pants.

"We can't be sure how long Asimov's distraction will be effective." Boss pressed one hand to the side of her head, the other flat on the surface of her desk. "You will simply have to work as efficiently as you can and hope for the best."

Gideon let out a sigh through her snout. "Perfect."

Cash turned and observed the map that had been tacked to the wall of Boss's home office, her eyes slowly moving across the blueprint paper.

"We want the money from the cage," Cash said pointing to the location where patrons could exchange their earned tokens for money and visa versa. "But the most important part is getting the codes to Calvera's main safe in his office. Only the cage staff have that information and the codes change every hour so we can't waste the one shot we got at this. The main safe stores the banking codes that will allow us to transfer all of his earnings off sight. Otherwise, we won't leave that place without a dime, understood?"

"Got it." Gideon nodded affirmatively.

"Now," said Cash moving across the room toward Boss's office safe. "This is a might easier than what you'll be facing but it's a start. If you can break this we'll move on to the cage safe in Sweetwater, follow?"

Gideon nodded.

"Good," Boss said, clapping her hands. "Let's see what you can do, darling."

The speed with which the Vox broke into the thing was almost embarrassing. Boss watched in horror as Gideon knelt before the large iron door and pressed one ear to its metal surface. She pulled out one of her many gadgets, snapping it to the safe with a magnetic sound where it issued a series of small pulses. Gideon's eyes were bright with excitement as she twisted the dial around and back and around again until it gave a satisfying click. With a humorous amount of effort the small Vox pushed down the heavy lever with both hands and the safe opened, the door lifting her with it as it slowly moved over the lush carpet with a groan.

Cash let out a dark chuckle and lit up a cigar. "I think we're going to need a better safe."

That evening at Sweetwater Boss had warned her cage staff that Gideon would be attempting a break-in. A few had cast each other sideways glances but the rest simply nodded as if it was a normal part of their routine to have a Vox infiltrate their financial sanctum. Gideon would be timed, their longest estimation had been five minutes with the shortest being two. The security at Calvera's would be strained for the gala and they were hopeful that a decent distraction would give her at least that amount to work with.

"Ready?" Cash asked, finger hovering over her watch.

"Ready!" squeaked Gideon, bouncing on her toes.


The Vox bolted away toward the cage, weaving through throngs of patrons almost unnoticed, her small stature a boon in that regard.

"How do you think she'll do?" Boss asked as she sipped an Old Manhattan, her finger tracing the artificial cherry around the bottom of the glass as she set it back on the table.

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