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Ya know how everyone tells you that high school's gonna be the best 4 years of your life? Your parents tell you that it'll be loads of fun, and your parents friends say how much their kids loved it. Well, if only everyone really knew what happened at high school. High school is no longer like the 1900's, high school is one big board game, filled with lots of competition.

High school is not some fun happy place for everyone to hang out and make tons of friends. As soon as you walk in, you're labeled. Orientation is just a fancy word for initiation. The people around you label you as either a friend, enemy, or a nobody. If you're a friend, it means you have the potential to be cool, or they want you just to make themselves look better. The enemy, is someone who you think is better than you and could be more popular than you. That also means that you two could become friends but just to build off of one another's popularity. See, already, it's confusing. Do you see why adults don't understand?

Then there's the nobody. The nobody is the someone that doesn't have the potential to become cool, and isn't better than you, and is someone who you decide you can just pretend they don't exist. The nobody, well has nobody. They're all alone.

It's not that the nobody isn't a nice person. Actually, the nobody is the nicest person in the school, people just judge them too quickly and immediately classify them as not friend worthy. The nobody sometimes creates a shell around them to protect them from any unwanted hate by making it seem like they don't care what people say, or they just give up with it and move on with their life.

The nobody can also get hated on by the friend or the enemy, or sometimes both. Like I said, they need to build up their self esteem and popularity by bringing nobody's down.

Mostly the popularity contest comes down to the girls. The boys don't really bring other boys down, they get popular from being players.

That's my last point about high school. Boys. The girls use the boys to build off of their popularity, usually by sleeping around. In some twisted way, giving yourself off like a toy is a way to get people to like you and build up your popularity. I know right. Insane.

This is why parents never understand why high school is literally the worst place to be. In their ancient times, everyone used to always get along and have fun, or maybe the parents were the popular ones growing up, but they didn't sleep around or any of that to become popular. They were just nice.

It's not like that anymore, well at least not for me.

My names Hannah. So far, school has been the same. I'm a nobody, thank goodness. My best friend, Lily, is literally the best friend anyone could ask for. She's nice but she has a wild side. She's not afraid to beat the crap outta you if you mess with either of us. I'm not saying I'm weak, because I sure can defend myself, it's just nice to have a friend who always has your back, y'know?

Anyway I have a few other friends but Lily is my number 1.

The other friend groups are the same as last year. The fakes or plastics, are the three top girls that have no life and just sleep around with the whole school. Lily and I came up with several names for them. Plastics, from Mean Girls. Fakes, melting faces or concrete faces, because they wear so much makeup that it either melts in the heat or when it's raining, or it looks so fake you can scrape layers off of their face. Everyone has lots of names for them, but plastic is my favourite.

Lastly, we have the jocks and the bad boys. The jocks are made up of the football team, and the bad boys are basically the druggies.

We call the druggies the committed because they always go in the same spot, rain or shine, to get high and soar through the sky. They have issues, but they're the hottest boys this school's ever seen.

Their leader is named Jake. He is the most addicted, and conveniently is the most popular, and, the hottest boy here. His two side kicks are Marcus and Jeremy. Also, insanely hot, and popular because of Jake.

There are lots of other hot guys in the group, but the main hookups happen between the plastics and Jake, Marcus and Jeremy. (Mostly Jake though)

All the girls swoon over Jake, and it's actually super annoying. Yeah he's hot, but he's a major jerk. Like. seriously. I can't stand the guy. And I'm not just saying that because I secretly have a crush on him. NO. I know all his dirty secrets, every last one of them. If he ever crosses me, ever. I. Will. Unleash. The. Kraken.

That's about all I have for today journal.
Hannah out.

I sigh as I close my notebook. Finally done. I think to myself as I get up and put my notebook in my drawer.

I got a new journal and I've been really busy, so I had to catch up on all that's happened.

Another year gone by and pretty much nothing's changed. I've grown up a bit, that's all. Now I have to face the worst part of summer ending. School.

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