CH. 13: Cutback

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It was supposed to take his mind of it- her- A day on the beach catching some waves, but Gregg knew it was too good to be true. It started out as an itch, being on the sand, and became a nagging, raking discontentment. All those twenty somethings pounding brews and getting their groove on. You could smell it, all the imminent sex. That's one of the allures of Sunshine Beach, you came here to do the things you'd never do anywhere else. Ménage a trios? Pick out a couple gals or guys or one of both. Public blowjob or cunnilingus? Call a crowd and go down. Sex tape? No telling how many of those were floating around. All of this depravity. All this debauchery. All forbidden to him.

How can you stay sober in a place like this? How can you keep your dick your pants? How can you not haul off and deck some punk ass motherfucker in the mouth? You remember your wife, that's how.

Vanessa Selfridge was pretty and warm and sweet and a fucking panther in the sack but cross her and you are in the shit. There are a lot of powerful Selfridges, family members well versed and trained in the psychic arts but you don't fuck with a woman who's got mind control skills. "I may do some dumb shit," Gregg used to say, "but I'm not a fucking dumbass."

Yet, was he? He had to wonder cause out of the blue here came Mac Wyatt storming over with bloody, frothy rage spilling from her mouth and Goddamn it if Gregg wasn't gobsmacked by how tight her fucking body was. He wasn't sure he liked the tattoos, and she did have a lot of them on display thanks to the pink bikini she wore, but there was no denying it, some people, no matter how much hate they stir, you still want to fuck them.

"You see this shit?" Darla asked.

"I see it," Gregg said. "Don't do anything stupid."

"The balls on that woman," Trisha said.

Mac, with two other women, strode toward them with a determined, fiery pace and the other two women, strove to catch up to her. Gregg looked from his former lover to her two comrades. One, a younger girl, attractive and holding the leggy gate common to all the Wyatt women and the other one, a bombshell, not so much in the hips and a little on the thin side, but straight dyed black hair and stacked and just exuding sex like she would break a guy in half. And shit, didn't she look familiar somehow? Can't be. How could you forget a woman like that? Gregg searched his memory and only snapped away from this mystery woman when Mac was almost on him.

"The fuck you want, lady?" Trisha spit out.

Mac pulled up and glared at them with a wild eyed stare that Gregg knew only too well. "You need to get the fuck off my beach."

"Excuse me?" Darla scoffed.

"Yeah," Mac said. "You heard."

"I think it's you that needs to get lost," Trisha said. "Ain't that right, Gregg?"

"Huh?" Gregg said, looking back and Mac's friend.

Maybe it was suppressing his wild instincts or seeing Mac in a bikini or maybe it was how fucking fine this other woman was, but Goddamn was he all of a sudden randy as fuck. Before the woman could see him staring, Gregg turned to Mac and said, "You figure what? We've got unfinished business?"

"Oh, we got that in spades, Gregg."

"You smashed her face," Gwenie said. "It wasn't enough to beat her up, you had to go and to that. You're a fucking asshole."

"Whoa!" Darla said. "Bitch, I will fuck you up right here in front of this whole beach. Her face? Dash has fucking vertigo now."

"Come at me then," Gwenie said.

As the two younger women traded barbs back and forth, Gregg lost himself again staring at Mac's friend. What would it be like to bury his cock inside her? To feel her legs wrapped around his waist? Maybe she'd dig her nails into his back while he slid in and out of her? And shit, is she looking back at me? The way I'm looking at her? And where do I know her from? Gregg rolled his neck and exhaled.

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