We are the Strong Girls Club

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What is the Strong Girls Club?

The Strong Girls Club (SGC) is a group of girls that try to be an uplifting influence for girls here on Wattpad.

Here on this account, we do that through our books, message board posts, helping people one on one via our inbox, and just by spreading as much kindness and positivity as we can to people on this platform.

SGC has helped many girls with low self-esteem, healing from trauma, toxic friendships, bullying, and more.

It has helped form so many friendships and inspire lots of people to create their own female positivity accounts here on Wattpad.

In short, The Strong Girls Club is a group of girls dedicated to making a positive difference.

This book will introduce you to the admins of SGC and help you get to know a little bit more about each one of us.

Welcome to The Strong Girls Club. 🌈

We hope you'll find your strength here. 🌠



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