Inuyasha: Caught

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Kagome's p.o.v.

      I watched as Inuyasha ran for the forest where Kikyo's soul collectors were swarming over the trees. He paid no attention to my sad lonely expression. I knew he loved her and I knew there was no room for me in his heart, but I wanted to stay with him.

      Remembering the last time Inuyasha went after Kikyo and recalling how she almost dragged him into hell with her I found myself following him to make sure he was ok but what I saw made my heart completely stop. Inuyasha was leaning forwards with his lips on hers and I could tell by the looks on both of their faces that they still loved each other. I tried to turn away but I couldn't take my eyes off of them. I tried and tried but I couldn't move my body. I finally realized why when I saw Kikyo look at me with evil in her eyes. She had me under a spell so I couldn't escape.

      She looked back at Inuyasha and released his lips as she looked my way pretending to be alarmed. ¨Who goes there?¨ she screamed as she released me from her spell. Inuyasha didn't hesitate to pull out his sword and point at whatever so happened to be in the trees, in this case... me.

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