Chapter 34 ~ Mila

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Chapter 34 ― Mila

“C’mon, hurry up,” Moni called me from the living room whilst I was in the kitchen trying to finish our sandwiches.

It was late and we were preparing ourselves to see the boys on the telly as they had an interview that day. There were two important reasons to watch that specific interview: one, we wanted to support the lads. Two, it was with Alan Carr and we loved that man, plus it was his first live show ever. He was hilarious as fuck.

Since that day at Alex’s house things weren’t that bad though only two days had passed. The fans already knew my twitter and despite there were many girls saying I should die because they said so, there were so many others saying that they loved me because I made Zayn happy. There was a divided fan-base and I was only focusing on the good side and ignoring the bullies. After all, that was the way to deal with that, ignoring them, not showing them any reaction because that was what they wanted and I wasn’t going to give them that satisfaction. For all I cared, they could go and fuck themselves. As my twitter was connected to my fanfiction account, I had won many new readers and it was great, but there were other saying that I sucked. The beautiful part was that my own readers stood up for me against those. I felt protected there.

“I’m coming!” I yelled back with the two sandwiches and mugs with tea in a tray for us.

The show was about to start and I was kind of nervous. It would be the first interview since our relationship with Zayn was made public and it was obvious they were going to ask him about it. We had talked about it and I was okay with him saying I was his girlfriend, after all it was the complete truth and I didn’t like lies. I was also keen of seeing him talking about me on live television, I wanted to see his expressions from an outside point of view.

“I’m so excited,” my friend commented as I took a seat next to her right in the moment when the show started. She let out a squeal and I giggled at her excitement. She was a huge fan now and she supported them all the time. Even Harry, though they kept fighting even after the curly-haired boy promised to introduce her to Ed.

After a few guests, and so much laughter, Alan finally announced One Direction to join them. The screams were so loud and Moni and I got all excited, clapping like mad women in our living room. I had a whole knot in my stomach and butterflies fluttering in my belly trying to fly up to set free. Moni was even holding my hand.

“Oh my! The look adorable. Look at them, look at them, Mila!” She asked me and I laughed. Of course I was watching them and they not only looked adorable, they looked hot. My eyes were locked on Zayn and, man di he look hot. My hormones, oh God my poor hormones. I wanted to clap at Lou for her beautiful job with my boyfriend. He was smiling in that adorable way that lit up his whole face, his eyes shining with happiness. I knew he loved Alan, too.

Alan greeted them all and offered them something to drink. Finally, all of them could have alcohol and they took advantage of that. You could see they were all happy to be there and I feel ridiculously happy for them, too. They always had fun with Alan. Without a doubt, he was one of my favourite hosts.

After a couple of questions and jokes, came the hot topic. “So, boys… we’ve seen this girl in pictures with you and we, mainly me because I love gossip, wanted to ask for sure, who she is. So, tell me,” Alan asked in that cocky tone he used that made you laugh immediately.

On the screen appeared pictures of me, as it was supposed to happen. There was the picture of Zayn and I kissing in his car, and other that Harry uploaded to Instagram of he and I after I drew a lightning bolt on his forehead. I remembered that moment from the BBQ at Alex’s place, when I told him that he would be a perfect Harry Potter and I drew the scar and Moni took the picture. I was smiling widely and with my thumbs up. Harry was smiling too, showing off his dimples. I loved that picture.

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