Accidently Married

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For the next few days my mother dragged me to dress fittings, food and cake tastings, and flower shops. By Friday night I was exhausted. My mother put Matthieu and I in separate rooms as is tradition in our family. So I haven’t seen him since we arrived. I wonder what he is doing.

I head toward my room to change when on my right the bathroom door opens to reveal Matthieu, naked and dripping wet from his shower with only a small towel wrapped around his waist. I must have been staring a little too hard because he smirked and said, “Like what you see?”

“Umm…no…I mean…yes…umm…” Bright red, I try to get words to form in my dry mouth but before I could say anything I hear, “What the hell is going on here?”

“First you tell me nothing is going on and then we come up here to find you guys are getting married? You better explain yourselves.” Roxy said with fire in her eyes. Next to her is Jonathan smiling as he found this so hilarious.

Thank god my mother went to finalize the cake order with my sister so they weren’t there to hear the truth.

“It’s not what you think.” I try to explain.

“Oh yeah? Then why don’t you tell me why you are trying to marry my fiancée?”

“Roxy, she needed help. Her mother wants to see her married before she dies. Please understand.” Matthieu interjects. “You of all people should.”

I puzzled over that last comment he made. Why is it that of all people, Roxy should understand? Before I could ask Jonathan says, “Well my friend I come up here at your soon to be mother in laws request to be your best man. This is one crazy situation.”

“What is a crazy situation?” my mother asks as she turns into the hall where we all are gathered.

“Oh, Jonathan, glad to see you could make it!” my mother exclaims.

She looks at Roxy and asks, “Is this your girlfriend? Well nice to meet you, let’s go set you guys up in the other guest room. Fortunately for you two, we have one guest room left so you both will be in the same room.” She says as she winks at them and leads them toward the back end of the hall.

 “And Matthieu go put some clothes on before you catch cold.”

“Yes Ma’am.” He said smiling.

“Wait. What did you mean when you asked Roxy to understand because she of all people should?” I ask.

“Do you plan on watching me dress?” he asks as I realize that I have followed him into his room.

“N-no but I won’t leave until you answer me.” I said as I blush yet again.

“Fine. I’ll answer but I’m still getting dressed.” He says as he starts to pull off the towel.

I yelp in shock and whip around to face the door.

“What I meant was Roxy is kinda in the same position you are. Except her mother isn’t dying.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, that Roxy’s engagement to me isn’t real.”

“What?” I ask as I whirl around forgetting the situation. “What do you mean fake?”

I yelp again and I face the door once more as I caught sight of him in his briefs. “Sorry!”

“Roxy is actually in love with Jonathan but that idiot can’t see it and she needs my help to make him see that he actually loves Roxy too but won’t admit it. The plan is to make Jonathan jealous and so far the plan is working because he brought Roxy here and was grinning like a fool when he saw her about to attack us in the hall.”

Before I can reply I hear my mother say, “Gwen get out of his room and get ready to go sign the license.”

Slowly realization comes over me, “Oh God! I totally forgot about the marriage license. What do we do? She’s going to find out if we don’t sign the license. What are we going to do?!” I say shriek in panic towards the end.

“Gwen! Calm down.” He said as he grabs my shoulders. “I’ve got it taken care of. I figured you would forget about this so I called my friend, Alex, who happens to be a judge here and told him about our situation and he has agreed to help us. All we have to do is sign it and he will shred it afterwards so it doesn’t get filed.”

“Oh God. I thought I was going to have to break my mother’s heart. Thank you.” I turn to face him. My eyes widen as I realize how close he is. If I just lean forward. Three. More. Inches, “Gwen! Didn’t I tell you to get out and go get ready? You can finish what you’re doing at the honeymoon!” my mother yells through the door.

I blush and clear my throat to say, “Umm…I’m going to go get ready now. See you soon.” As I leave I could have sworn I heard him say, “Soon is too long.”


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