Marley Kelly #1

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His tan skin burned against hers, kisses being exchanged between the pair feverishly. Their textbooks open and long forgotten on a chapter of the French Revolution or something or other lay in a piled heap on the floor. Sighing gently Y/N smiled, “You’re a very bad influence Mr Kelly.” Marley simply grinned lazily in response before moving to kiss the girl again“I’ll have you know I’m the Headboy” he whispered in the y/h/c girls ear his hot breath tickling at her pale neck.

“Y/N are you home?” Tom called out closing the door behind him his blue eyes flickering over the hallway looking for the denim jacket the eldest Grainger usually left lying around after a day of hard grafting. “Mika and Chlo are out for the night so it’s just us. I was wondering if you wanted to get a pizza in or something?” still shrugging his coat off Tom didn’t notice the silence that greeted him.

Upstairs the two teens shared a look of panic, what were they meant to do now. Tom didn’t exactly like the Kelly’s at the moment nor did he like the fact that the girls were growing up so quickly after Izzie’s tragic death. “Quick hide.” Y/N hissed shoving the boy off her bed as the y/h girl frantically adjusted her skirt. “What?” Marley whispered back attempting to signal at the lack of hiding space twirling swiftly around to face him Y/N shrugged “I don’t know under the bed or something..” Marley sighed moving forward to kiss the girl again wanting just one last second of nirvana.

“Y/N?” Tom called again this time walking up the stairs towards her room. Sighing again Y/N untangled herself from Marley's caramel arms Opening the door ajar Y/N smiled “Sorry Tom I was just so absorbed in the storming of the Bastille.” Tom nodded proudly unlike Chlo and Mika Y/N was yet to have a breakdown about her studying where she’d threaten to leave Waterloo Road before her final exams. “So Pizza?” Tom questioned “It might help get your study on.” he seconded adding an odd attempt at dancing.

“Umm yeah sure.” the teen stated glancing behind her shoulder quickly Y/N nodded absentmindedly. “Something wrong? Is there someone here?” he began to interrogate her leaning over to push the door open. “So how about that pizza then?” the y/h/c girl started moving to close her door. Shaking his head Tom frowned “No what’s going on. Move.” this time he shoved the door only to see the usually unmade bed and school work littering the desk. “See nothing.” Y/N exclaimed moving shut the door again.

If only Marley was smaller or more nimble maybe they wouldn’t be in this situation maybe they could of continued to hide their blossoming relationship.

“A Kelly? Really Y/N! Could you have picked a worse choice.” The older man screamed waving his arms around. “You didn’t like Donte when Chlo started dating him and now you’re practically best buds!” she screamed back defensively. “NO. NO, THAT IS DIFFERENT.” Tom yelled aggressively stabbing his finger through the tense air. “He’s not his family Tom.” Y/N whispered softly walking away with Marley trailing behind her turning to face the man the girl continued “And you’re not mine..."

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