13. Colour of a bruise

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I leaped into motion as the bell rung, grabbing my stuff and rushing out the room so that i wouldn't get stopped by Taehyung. I was running through the hallways, and i bumped into someone, causing the two of us to go crashing. I grunted as the heavy body landed on me, and i opened my eyes to see Yuri sitting on my waist, the top half of her body held up from the floor by her arms. Our faces were rather close and she began to blush.

I contained my eye roll, before asking softly, "P-Please get off"

She went even redder, and immediately got off me and held a hand out to help me up. I took it, and stood up thanking her.

"Its no problem" she looks up at me with a bright smile.

Shes so pretty....no wonder she's his girlfriend.....

I nod my head and turn around, heading to my next class, when i feel someone link their arm around mine. Shocked, i look to the right of me, and their stood Yuri with a happy smile as she looked up at me.

"W-What are you doing?"

"We both have a class this way right?" 

"Uhh, i think so?" I give her a confused look.

"Then walk with me!" She happily pulls me along, and my stomach knots uncomfortably.

I was stiff and awkward the entire time, while she chatted and had a whole long conversation to herself. I felt a breath of relief leave me once we stood in front of my classroom.

I pulled my arm away and hurriedly entered the classroom, mumbling a goodbye to Yuri. Suddenly i froze when remembering what class this was. They  were here. And by they, i mean the few boys that took to teasing me about my appearance, calling me a fat thick headed crybaby because they saw me crying in the bathroom one day after i caught Taehyung making out with Yuri against my locker.

I swallowed down my nerves, taking a seat in the back corner where no one else sat. The teacher still hadn't come in, and it had been at least ten minutes since the late bell had rung. I grew uneasy at the thought of possibly having no teacher in the class when my bullies were here.

I could see the group of them. There were 5, but the person who did most of the bullying was a tall lean guy, named Choi Soobin. He looked over in my direction with a smirk, and made his way over to me.

I gulped down the lump in my throat and tried to look like i hadn't noticed him. 

"Hey there little fatsticks" He says happily, taking a seat next to me. I bite my lip and looked down, not wanting him to see the tears welling up.

Am i really that fat? 

"Yah, girly boy, look at me" He sneers, and i force my tears back as i look up at him.

His face scrunched in disgust, "Ew, your so fucking ugly, i'd actually prefer you to look down"

I winced at his words, and i tried to not let his words get to me. I hurriedly looked away, hoping that he would leave me if i just did what he wanted. No one ever tried to stop him, they all just sat back and laughed.

"Whats wrong? Ashamed of your hideous face? No wonder you can't get someone to love you, you're just another faggot" 

I bit the inside of my cheek harshly, trying to stop the tears as hard as i could.

Suddenly, he grabbed my face roughly and i was forced to look him in the eyes, "What? Cat got your tongue, little slut?"

A strangled sob escaped my throat, and my tears couldn't be held back anymore, "I-Im not a s-slut!" 

He seems to get angry when i finally talk back, "What did you just say you little bitch?"

I sniffed, and tried to pull my face away, but his grip only tightened and i hissed in pain. That was definitely gonna leave a bruise.

"Don't ever talk back to me, you useless piece of shit" He spat, and before i could process what was happening, i had received a hard punch to the stomach, and i fell out of my chair, hitting my head in the process. My vision blurred and i blanked out.


I woke up, a sore throbbing sensation in my stomach, and i had a killer headache. 

"A-Ahh...shoot" I hissed, sitting up and looking around. I was lying in a white room, a curtain pulled around the blue bed that i lay on. The nurses office. I looked to the seat that was situated to the right of me and saw JB sitting there, asleep.

I felt a pang of gratitude towards him, and then started to worry. I never told him nor Jimin, nor anyone that i was getting bullied. How will he react? Should i make up a lie? 

Suddenly, a notification sound went off from what i assume is his phone, and Jaebum got startled awake. He blinks slowly, before looking over to me. His eyes immediately widen as he rushes to my side.

"Oh my god, Jungkook i was so worried- what happened? Who did this?"

My stomach churned with guilt at how worried he was about me, "I-Its nothing, don't worry i'm fine-"

"No you are not! I found you after school ended Jungkook! Jimin and the others were worried sick, everyone had no idea where you were until i found you knocked out and bleeding in an empty classroom! Whats worse, is that we never saw you at break so that means you had clearly been there for a while"  He huffed out, looking slightly irritated.

I stayed quiet, not too sure what to say, "Wait, i was out for the whole day?"


Oh my god... imagine if no one found me

"Jungkook"  I look back up, "who did this?"

I gulp at his stern tone, and nibble my lip nervously.

"Tell me.. please" He cups my face, comforting me somewhat.

I let out a shaky breath before i finally told him what happened, and what had happened over the past few weeks, and who was responsible for it. To say he was mad, was an understatement.


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