parr 30

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It's been 3 months and during this  many things happened.  Seerat stopped coming out from the room. If someone try to talk to her then she just shout on them and behave rudely.shivika are so worried to seeing her behaviour because she never did it  before.  She was a nice and bubbly girl who used to get mingle with anyone. But now it's seems like Old seerat has been lost somewhere and this rude seerat have got appeared.  And on top of that tia is working like a fuel on it when ever she get chance she fill her ear against shivika and shavi.even though in many times seerat hurting shavi which caused shivay's burst out on her. 

In shivika's room

Anika is crying hugging Shivay. And shivaay is stroking her hair.

Shiv. Anika Plz don't cry. She will be alright.

Anu. No shivaay she won't.  Did you see how she has started living away from us. Infect when I go in her room she just shout on me and shut the door on my face. 

Shiv. Ok ok stop crying. Today we will talk to her. Ha. 

Ani.  Shivaay I want my daughter back. She sobs.

Shiv.  We will get her ani. Don't worry.  Hmm. Saying this he hugged her tightly. 

In seerat room

She is sitting alone watching tv when shavi sit beside her.

Sha. Let's go seeti we will play together

Seerat look at him sternly and spoke

S. I don't wanna play with you. Go away from here.

Shavi. Seeti I'm your brother don't talk to me like this.

Seerat. You are not my brother did you understand she shout pushing him hard which caused him fell down hitting his head with bed. 

Shavi. Aaaaa mumma

S. Stay away from me. You are a bad boy. You and your mummy snatched my daddy from me. You guys are so bad. Why you cAme in our lives. I hate you I hate you I hate u.

Anu.  Shavi she run and took him in his arms.

Ani.  Mera bacha. She said stopping blood from his Forehead.

Shiv. Seerat. What you did

S. I did right. He and his mother snatched you from me.  You don't love me anymore. You love them only.  Daddy throw them out. They are not our family. 

Shiv.  Seraattttt he shout and slapped her hard on her cheek.

Ani. Shivaayyyy what you did she said pulling him away.

Shiv. Don't you see how she is behaving now. She is becoming so rude and she needs a good slap to come on point.

S.  I hate u I hate you. You don't love me anymore she cry and run away from there.

Shiv. Are you ok shavi he said taking him in his arms.

Ani. I'm going to bring first aid box. 

Shavi. What happened to seeti daddy. Why is she behaving like this he sobs.

Shiv. I itself don't know what happened to her. 

Ani. Shivaay we have to do something before it's gets late. She spoke while tending wounds of shavi. 

Shiv. Hmm. Suddenly they got confused when they heard a girl voice. 

Shiv. Priyanka. 

ani.  What's she doing here. 

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