Part 10

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     Clay took a sip of coffee leaning back on the couch. When he saw Vincent taking his coffee, Clay's eyes looked in another direction.
     Vincent leaned his back on Clay's arm, putting his feet on the couch. He snuggled, so he could look out of the window. Clay had a hurt smile on his face, and he was glad that Vincent couldn't see that. Now, he was only trying to enjoy the boy's warmth. He felt Vincent's head laying on his shoulder.

"Clay?" he mumbled.
"Yeah Vince?" Clay put his coffee on the table.
"You were joking when you sent me that marriage paper, weren't ya?" Vincent tured his head around, facing Clay.

    Clay bit his bottom lip and looked at the boy that now was looking deeply into his eyes. He really wanted Vincent to stay forever with him, but that marriage paper wasn't actually a fake one. He tried to get that and when he finally got it he made a copy and sent it to Vincent. He only wanted him to stay there.

"Was it or not, Clay?" Vincent said slowly.
"I don't know Vincent. I want you to stay here and spend time with us. You only have... 3 days left now. And I'm just turning everything upside down. We need to talk home anyway. Let's go." Clay said standing up.

    Vincent sighed slowly and did the same. They paid what they've just finished eating and started walking back home. Vincent began to shiver, but he was trying not to show it to Clay. It was 3 in the morning and the weather was cold, what could he do? Clay noticed Vincent's shivering and he put his hand on the smaller boy's waist pulling him closer. They continued walking home, so Clay didn't pay that much attention to Vincent's red face.

🌠 Home 🌠

"I can't walk anymore. Can you carry me in bed~" Clay said smirking at the French boy.
"Clay you are so tall. How am I supposed to carry you in the bed?" Vincent ignored the smirk on Clay's face.

   Clay went alone in the bedroom closing the door with the key. He sat on the bed, with some tears running down his face.

     I messed up so bad, didn't I? How am I supposed to tell him that I want him to sign that stupid paper then we won't see each other and he can build his life here with someone else. Yeah, I can't say it like that. If you marry someone you are supposed to love that person, he doesn't love me in that way, he love me like his brother or something like that.

🌠 After some more memories(1 hour) 🌠

"Clay I fucking love you. You are the best. How did you know where I live? Who told you?"

     That was when I sent him a plushie that looked like Ian. But it didn't count because he didn't meant it in that way. I probably love him, he said that like I was the best friend he wanted all the time. Am I such a "great" friend? No, ... I fell in love with my best friend. This doesn't seem like what a "friend" would normally do.

"I guess I'm not that normal after all." Clay mumbled between some little sobs.
"C-Clay? Clay, what happened, d-did you hurt yourself? P-please open the door, Clay!" Vincent said, his voice making Clay trying to stop himself from crying.

    He eventually stoped and opened the door just to feel a warm body hugging him tightly. He put his arms around the little boy's waist.

   I can't lift him up, that is going to be weird and my body literally can't do that right now...

"Y-you are so warm." Vincent mumbled in Clay's chest.
"Yeah, I'm like a radiator. Always warm but I'm special, so I'm warmer in the bed when someone cuddles with me." Clay said giggling softly.
"W-what is that supposed to mean? A moment ago you were crying and now you want to... c-cuddle with a completely confused Vincent?" Vincent said letting go of Clay.
"I'm a mess, ok? My brain can't understand anymore." Clay got back to his bed laying, with his eyes closed. A weight oh his abdomen making him open them again.
"Did you drink Vincent?" Clay said trying to get the boy off him.
"I t-think I might have drunk something f-from that little thing... But who can remember~?" Vincent said with a shiver in his words.
"What did you do? That had so much alcohol, are you crazy?" Clay pused himself up so now the boy was in his lap.
"Mm... no, b-but you are. W-why did you have that in your fu-fucking h-house?" Vincent said putting his hands around Clay's neck.
"BUT WHY DID YOU DRINK THAT? You didn't see what it said on the bottle? Are you that blind with glasses?" Clay took his waist in both hands.
"I-I dddiddddnnnn't want to look at thaaaaat. I-I not go-going to die." Vincent licked his lips.

    Clay could smell the alcohol in his breath. He sighed dragging Vincent more into his lap, hugging him.

"MMMmmmmMMMM... I-I c-can't b-breathe." Vincent faked crying.

     Clay let go of the boy, but soon after Vincent split Clay's legs, standing on his knees between them. Clay turned on his panic mode, but he couldn't react fast enough and the boy pushed him in the bed. Clay maintained his balance and put his hands around the boy again.

"Calm down Vincent. I'm not going to let you take advantage of the fact that you're drunk. I'm not a girl... I mean... I'm still not a girl. So I'm not your tipe or anything." Clay mumbled hurt.
"W-what if you are... m-my tipe? Mmaybe I'm d-drunk, but that doesn't mean I can't r-remember things from when I wasn't. S-So n-now my dr-drunk self is te-telling you..." Vincent placed his mouth beside Clay's ear. "J-Je t'aime, idiot." he whispered in Clay's ear.

   Clay was now as red as a tomato. But he hugged him tighter and kept him on his lap. Vincent moaned softly because of what Dream thought it was pain, and he let go of him.

"W-what was that Vincent?" Caly said a blushing mess.
"Y-you... w-were... uhh."
"Oh my goodness. The alcohol really got you."


Hello my friends,
So I want to do a special part (part 14) with my love(Swan). She is going to write Bad & Skeppy's point of view.
I think is going to be like a party with friends(Dave, Finn, Zelk, Mega, George[Spifey] and George[Dream's friend]) with our lovely ships MegaZelk, Spifin and probably George and Dave??We will see.

Soo... Swan left us because of some problems. She is going to be back soon. So please take this chapter to say goodbye to her. I'm going to write chapter 14 alone, and we are going to write a welcome back thing. Goodbye. ^-^

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