Chapter 22

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"Seriously, Giovanni? You're telling me you're in love with me for the first time after car sex?" I was so irritated I wasn't even processing what I was saying until suddenly it hit me.

"Oh my god... you just said you're in love with me." My voice lower than a whisper.

He chuckled, but his face remained that of a love struck teenager, there wasn't a trace of regret or embarrassment. "Not exactly my finest moment, but I don't regret it."

He gently moved me to the seat beside him so he could pull his pants up. He turn his body towards me, looking deep into my eyes.

"I know you're overwhelmed with how fast our relationship has progressed. I don't expect anything from you. If you're not ready to move in, that's okay. If you're not in love with me yet, that's okay too. I don't know, I just look at you and I'm already home." He chuckled. "Before you came along, I didn't even know home was a person, not just a place."

I can't help the smile on my face. I didn't know home was a person either until I met Giovanni. I leaned into him, planting a sweet kiss on his lips.

"Are you horn dogs decent?" Aiden's voice called back to us.

I pull away from the kiss, laughing.


I heard as he opened his door and stepped out. We hadn't even noticed we were home already. The door beside Giovanni opens and he steps out before stretching out his arm to me.

"What happens in the limo, stays in the limo." I send Aiden a playful death glare and he bursts out laughing.

Giovanni chuckles as he leads me inside.

Please, let Niklaus be asleep already.

We walked upstairs and were about to open my bedroom door.

"Oh, Giovanni, I was hoping to see you!" A high pitched voice called out from down the hall, as footsteps quickly approached us.


I instinctively roll my eyes as Giovanni stops to respond to her.

"What's up, Steph?" His response is monotone, with no emotion in his words.

Stephanie has this wicked smile on her face as her eyes flicker to me then back to Giovanni. "Well, Alexis is landing tomorrow morning for the rehearsal dinner. She was asking if you'd pick her up."

I felt Giovanni's body tense up next to me. He sighed heavily as he rubbed his temples with his free hand, like the conversation was giving him a migraine. "There's literally hundreds of people you can have pick her up, just ask one of them."

"Oh, come on, she really wants for you to do it." Her voice was pleading, but there was a malicious tone to it. Her eyes kept flickering to me, like she was waiting for something.

"Who's Alexis?" I asked curiously and a smirk grew on her face.

"No one important." Giovanni's answer came out with a low growl. Whoever she was, he was not a fan.

"She's anything but. She's my cousin... and Giovanni's fiance." Stephanie studied my face and I knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted a reaction, but I wouldn't give her the satisfaction. Giovanni's distaste for Alexis was clear.

"Ex fiance." He quickly corrected her. "And I'm still not going to pick her up."

He opened the bedroom door, ushering me in before practically slamming it in her face.

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