Chapter Thirty Two: "At Dolce and Garbage?"

I WOKE UP TO feel a warm body pressed on my back, an arm wrapped around my waist hugging me to a hard bare chest. I moved my head and look down at the ground to find the same shirt Sam was wearing last night on the ground.

I look down at my own outfit and sighed in relief when I saw myself in full clothing. Thank the heavens. If I did...I might as well just throw myself off a cliff.
That's a horrible scenario...

I gently tried to get out of bed but the hold on my body tightened and I felt a stirring pressed against me and it wasn't Sam's entire body, it was only one region.
Sure, with guys they talk about it all the time but to actually feel it is a whole different thing.

I groaned out loud in repulse and felt Sam awaken, loosening his hold on me. I turned to face him. His dark brown hair in different directions and green eyes hazy until they focused on me. At first he seemed happy to see me but it was quickly covered with amusement. "Morning Hazel."

I didn't understand how this boy didn't have morning breath. He smelled minty and like apples, his shampoo of Old Spice not on him yet but this smelled equally good. The weird thing was that I've never seen him eat an apple.

Once he regained full consciousness, his hold on me tightened and he brought my face right up to him. "Good view?"

I roll my eyes. "From the person that was spooning me this morning, I'm enjoying it." My voice filled with sarcasm.

He grinned. "You want to try another different type of spooning like they said back in the 18th century?"

"Since when have you paid attention in history class? I appreciate the offer but no I have a boyfriend."

"Oh so if you didn't have a boyfriend, you would kiss me?"

I put my hand on his bare shoulder, gently feeling his soft skin. It was amazing how soft his muscles were but they were lean and hard at the same time. My index finger moves toward his dog chain where the tag was probably behind his neck due to his position. I move the sheets exposing the sweatpants I had lend him last night under the blanket.

His green eyes darkened and his lips parted wondering what I was doing but I decided to just 'go with the flow', he says.
I've only seen someone do this once and that was Jasmine to Andrew last year. He said that he couldn't get 'turned on' by her without her touching him 'there'. She told me to videotape it, he reacted and now it was still on my laptop. To this day he still calls it 'boneography'. Yeah...I really do have weird friends.

My fingers move down his hard chest where I could actually see his breathing gaining speed. I put my fingers over his heart to catch it rapidly beating then trail towards his bellybutton. I swirl my finger around the outside of it and hear his breath catch in his throat.

I fight a smirk on my lips and move lower to trace his deep v-line and his body squirming over my touch. This is actually fun to see him like this in a vulnerable state when I feel confident and bold this morning. His chest heaves as I trace the line over his boxers that were peeking out of the sweats. Once I hear him whimpering and something shifting down...there, I pull my hand away. His eyes widen and he involuntarily whines.
I put my hand on his chest again and lean closer to him. When he actually thinks I'm going to kiss him by pulling me in closer, I move my head to his lips and whisper. "Next time make sure Benjamin Ian the Great isn't happy when I can feel him." I swat him in the chest and get out of bed.

He gaped at me and I finally smirk. "God," He turned his head into the pillow and groaned. "You can be a bitch sometimes."

I ruffled his head, knowing he's joking. I stop when I realize what I'm doing. "It's okay Jerk. Now you might want to get ready, Phillip's birthday party starts at noon."

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