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"Bro u really wack asab for that" I spoke to my bestfriend Kentrell

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"Bro u really wack asab for that" I spoke to my bestfriend Kentrell.

Oh my bad. My name Aaliyah. I got one sister. Well half sister.

She mad annoying. She always tryna be in competition with me. My dad cheated on my motha while she was pregnant with me and and got anotha bitch pregnant. And that's how u get annoying ass April. I guess she wanted to be the only child but its whateva.

I ain't even gone cap. Ion know why she jealous. My dad treat us the same. My dad got his own house when April came and then when I came and got older I started living with my dad. And that was my choice, but I see my motha every other week. Oh and I'm still in high school.

"U act like u don't know how to share damn" he replied.

Kentrell been my best friend since birth basically. My mom and his mom are best friend. Kentrell is a full time rapper so ion get to see him a lot. He goes by nba-youngboy.

"I don't care. Don't touch my food, damn" I said while rolling my eyes.

"Oh so now u got a attitude. Man I'm bout to leave u always mad for no reason" he said while getting up leaving.

"Naw don't leave I was playing" I said pulling him closer.

"And why shouldn't I" he asked looking at my lips.

Next thing Ik, our lips touched. And then I pulled away and started laughing. "Naw that was mad awkward" I said while blushing.

"I'll be back" he said then left.
Me and Kentrell aren't talking. Ever since that day we stopped talking to each other.

I do like Kentrell. But I'm too scared to tell him. Niyah keep telling me to call him but I'm scared.

"Bro if u don't call him already. U bms" niyah said while sighing. "Nigga Ight Ight" I said while rolling my eyes.

•phone conversation•

Yea.um can u come to my crib -liyah
Yea I'll be there in 10 mins-trell
                *hangs up*

"That's all u had to do. U want me to leave while y'all talk" niyah asked me. "Yea ima call u. Be safe. Love u" I said while hugging her. "I love u too" she replied.

Niyah left and now I'm waiting for trell. He bout to piss me off. Soon I heard a knock at the door and I knew it was Kentrell.

He went to the couch and stayed silent.

"Did that kiss mean anything to u" he asked breaking the silence. And I lied.

"No. Not really. I thought we was just in the moment" I replied. Damn I sound stupid I thought to myself.

"U a damn lie" he said now standing up. "So u telling me. U don't got feelings for me" he said now lookin lowly. "No I don't". Bro what the hell is wrong with me why I just can't tell him. Something is holding me back.

"Ight bet" he said then walked out slamming the door. Then I got a text.

Ken❤️- Even the we not on the best of terms, u need anything just call me.

I smiled to myself. I gotta tell him sooner or later.

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