30• Laser Tag is Surprisingly Seductive

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30• Laser Tag is Surprisingly Seductive

30• Laser Tag is Surprisingly Seductive

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That's what I was. 6 feet and 2 inches of pure stupidity.

I mean, how fucked up was I to agree to this double-date? I can answer that, actually. And the correct answer is: INCREDIBLY FUCKED UP! Like, I'm not sure if I've ever met a person more fucked up than me. I was in love with one girl, but dating another.

Stupid, stupid stupid.

Somehow, Hannah had agreed to the double-date idea. I expected her to blatantly turn it down, but Hannah actually seemed to like the idea. She was happy to get to spend some more time with me and actually accepted the fact that Alex and I were going to be friends. She said she "might as well" meet her in that case. Ever since we'd gone back to school following Fall break, Hannah had been seemingly nicer and more tolerable towards me. She didn't blow up about every little thing (although, she still was adamant about me not drinking carbonated beverages).

It seemed like she was actually trying recently in our relationship. We hadn't exactly been hanging out all that much because of cheer and basketball, but I could tell that she was trying. For that, I felt slightly guilty. Like I should break up with her or something.

But then what would I do about my feelings towards Alex? Then, I would just be extra lonely without Hannah and it would be even worse.

It felt like I was using Hannah. I felt bad about it. But then again, I did want to make things right between us. I just had to get past my weird funk having feelings for Alex first. And I knew that would take some effort and time.

Certainly, tonight was going to challenge me.

I'd finished getting ready right as Hannah walked into my room. She was stunning as she always was, wearing a cropped off-the-shoulder shirt and some white jean shorts. Her hair was curled more naturally today than it usually was and she was wearing more natural makeup. I had always told her she looked beautiful no matter what covered her face, but I had to admit that when she wore little makeup, I thought she was even prettier. She had a cream-colored designer purse hanging off her shoulder.

"About ready, Jesse?" She asked, walking over to straighten my shirt.

I leaned forward to kiss her quickly. "Are you sure you want to go tonight? We could just stay in." And kiss. A lot. And not be around Alex and Alexander.

"I do want to go. I told you, I--" Hannah paused and sighed. "I want to give Alex a chance. I already like Alexander, he's nice. But I obviously got off on the wrong foot with Alex and I regret that. You know I was in an especially bad mood, then. But now... if you're friends with her, then I should give her a shot. You've given my friends a shot, after all, putting up with them."

See what I mean? She was nicer lately. And she was trying.

I should be trying, too.

"Right. Thank you," I said, smiling at her and taking her hands. "You look amazing, Han. Always do."

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