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AN// hey loves, so this is based off of the movie Clueless. not completely, but this is just my take on it :) i changed up the request id gotten a little bit, but i hope you still like it :) also: warning of like mentions of sexual intercourse ? i still dont know if this has to be a warning or not but there, that's that. 

(third person pov)

"Please put on a shirt, Cher," Grayson yelled as he glanced out of his office to see his daughter walk by. The 16-year-old sighed and nodded.

"Yes, daddy," She said, turning back around on her heel and heading back upstairs. Grabbing a sheer cardigan and throwing it over her tank top, she skipped back downstairs. "Alright, daddy, I'm gonna get going," She said, walking into his office. He looked up from his desk as she made her way next to him to kiss him on the cheek.

"Don't get into trouble, princess," He said as she made her way out of the room. Cher giggled, turning around and leaning against the doorframe. "You're gonna be late, sweetheart," Grayson said, getting up from his desk and walking over to his shelf.

"Can I go out with my friends after school today?" She asked, a grin on her face. "Please, daddy?"

"Cher," Grayson said with a sigh as he picked up his coffee. She pouted and pressed both her hands together, interlocking her fingers. Grayson sighed again. "Which friends?" He asked, clicking his pen open.

"Oh, you know, the few that come over," She told him. Grayson sighed and nodded, flipping a page in his file. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She squealed. Grayson sighed as she left for school, in one of the many cars in their driveway.


"Daddy!" Cher yelled as she closed the door behind her, struggling to hold the bags in her hands." Daddy!" She called again when she got no response. She turned back to her boyfriend and pointed upstairs.

"Right now?" He whispered, she nodded and he looked around before heading upstairs, footsteps as quiet as he could make them.

She sighed, kicking her heels, feet a little sore. "Princess?" Grayson asked, standing up from the couch, rubbing his eyes.

Gray had fallen asleep on the couch, waiting for his daughter to come home. "Sorry, daddy, did I wake you?" She asked, setting her bags on the floor, before walking over to him. Grayson shook his head, rubbing his face.

"Princess, it's almost 11," He said, looking at the clock on the wall. Cher's eyes followed and she sighed. "I was worried, you weren't answering your phone," He said, eyes landing on the many bags she'd brought with her.

"Sorry, daddy, we took a long time at the store," She said. Grayson nodded, running a hand through his hair, white strands scattered throughout. "Let's get you to bed," Cher said, holding him by his arm and helping him out of the living room.

Grayson let his princess take him to his own room, turning the lights off as they went. Grayson let out a yawn as he plopped down onto his bed. "Did you eat?" He asked her. She nodded as she grabbed the water bottle by his bed along with his medication.

"Here, daddy," She said, handing them to him, He took the pills from her palms and swallowed them with the water, handing the bottle back to her. "What'd you eat, daddy?" She asked as she pulled the covers over him. Grayson sighed.

"Your uncle came over for a drink," Grayson mumbled as she ran a hand through his hair. Cher sighed and shook her head. "We only had a little bit," He mumbled, eyes closing. Cher smiled.

"Night daddy," She whispered, kissing his forehead. "Sweet dreams."

Cher turned the lights off in his room and made her way towards her own, the biggest room in the house. There were plenty of other rooms she could've had. But the moment she realized her daddy had a bigger room than hers, she made him trade.

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