Chapter 2

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"what class you got" Nate asked
"i got art with Ms.Sanders!" i said happily. Ms.Sanders was the most funnest art teacher ever.
"i got science next" Nate said
"I'll see you 6th period then"
"Alright see you" Nate said as he was walking to his class
i folded up my schedule put it in the pocket of my jeans and headed to class, i wasn't a fan of getting to class super early so i walked slowly to my next class. As i was walking i saw Layla come from the hallway i just walked by
"hey Layla what class you got next" i asked her
"art with sanders"
"AYE ME TOO"i said excitedly
"this should be interesting" she said as she laughed
i noticed that the hallways started to clear and one of the teachers shouted out
"you wanna race?" i asked
"heck YEA" she said
We both booked it down the hallway racing to Ms.Sanders class room, we ran past a teacher and he shouted out
"40 SECONDS ON THE CLOCK MISTER" i said as i ran past him
"LIA DEMAR-"his voice faded off because i was running away so i couldn't hear him
Most teacher only know me because of my "reputation" as the "trouble maker". I don't think it's much of a reputation because i still get good grades and i've only gotten 1 write up through out high school. Anyways as me and Layla were racing i saw Kai walking out of the hallway, i didn't think much of it because i see him everyday but Layla seemed happy to see him because she blurted out "HI KAI"
I made it to the classroom first and the bell rang as soon as Layla stepped into the classroom.
"Lia Demario!?" Ms.Sanders said
"MS.SANDERS!" i said back
"oh so you're Lia Demario" said a random girl sitting the back
" i'm iron man" i said sarcastically
"i hear your name everywhere" she said with an attitude
"does it bother you?" i said with a cocky smile on my face
"i had your brother just last period" said Ms.Sanders interrupting the random girl in the back
"what-" i turned to Layla
"i thought you guys has first period together" i said to her
"he got his schedule mixed up" she said
"i knew that would happen" i said as i walked to a seat in the back
Layla sat next to me and she whispered to me
"who was that girl"
"no idea"

"Alright, hello class my name is Ms. Sanders and i will be your art teacher for the year"
she talked more but that's all i payed attention to because i got bored right after that.
i managed to keep my self occupied by drawing stars on the table with a pencil i found on the ground.
"Lia what are you doing"

"drawin' some stars"


"because i'm bored"

"were you even paying attention"

"nnnoo not really"

Layla just shrugged and went back to paying attention to ms.Sanders
"alright we're all going to introduce our selves, say your full name and a random fact about you, alright let's start with you"
she pointed to the kid in the first desk in front of her
he said his name and a random fact and this went on until it was layla's turn
"Um..Hello, My name is Layla Rodriguez and i love to draw.."


"alright Lia it's your turn...i don't think it's necessary for you to introduce yourself because everyones knows you..but go ahead!" she said

"I'm Lia Demario and i'm the reason why people love this school" i said with sarcastically with a sly smile on my face, some people laughed at my remark.

"And she's a narcissist too" Layla said jokingly
"there's a difference from being sarcastic and narcissistic Layla" i said back playfully
"well shes not wrong" Ms. Sanders said with a smile on her face

Everyone laughed to themselves about Ms. Sanders remark.
Well i never thought i was a narcissist..i just know people like to be around me that's all :)
a few minutes past and the bell for the end of second period rang.

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