Chapter 36

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Medics surround Declan. When did they get here. How long have I been sitting here. I can't talk anymore, I can't scream for someone to help him anymore. I'm silent, completely silent. I'm going to drown.

"Shh Ella, it's going to be okay." Wes murmurs. But it's not. Nothing's okay anymore. Nothing will ever be okay.
Wes's POV:

Holding up the signal felt like a victory. The fire alarm wasn't planned but it sure did help.

As soon as I held up the signal the guys came rushing in just like we rehearsed. Before Julian and his clan got here we had my fathers gang get into their places whether it was hiding behind or in boxes, or outside in the dumpster (I know eww gross but you have to do what you have to do), or inside behind the machines sending the signal to the others, it was done perfectly. Or so I thought...

We weren't stupid coming into this. We knew we had to be smart. Julian was malicious and evil, but he was not stupid. Each detail had a specific time where it had to be played, almost like the game of chess. Except we weren't the pawns, we were the players moving them.

We knew Julian wanted satisfaction, he wanted to dominate Declan, take everything away from him so he would give up and render to Julian. Julian wanted Ella out of the picture, he wanted Declan to feel worthless like there was nothing his life was good for. Because we knew this we built our plan on it.

Each step went exactly as planned until after the signal. Yeah there were some unexpected surprises through out like Hayes's back, but nothing that took us off balance.

The fire alarm was pulled so that meant the authority's would be here sooner then expected which was fine. After Declan got his tape off he was supposed to secure Julian so he would be arrested for illegal activity.

I didn't even know Ella was here, I told him not to tell her. She wasn't supposed to know, only to keep her safe. This whole plan was made to keep her safe. She wasn't supposed to be here, yet she was.

And when Declan spotted Ella the plan changed. There was no way when Declan got out of his tape was he going to secure Julian, his instincts were to get to Ella and get her as far away from here as possible. I get it, she was his first priority, she is the girl he will love even when the sun dies.

I told him to go to her, she didn't belong in this mess. I told him I would handle it. Everything was so hectic, the noise was scorching loud, guns were blazing, and the heat in the factory was unbearably suffocating. This was predicted, you had to be laser focused we knew that, but what was not was watching my best friend fall to the floor like nothing.

One minute he was here breathing next to me, enduring this crazy plan together and in the next he's on the floor with a bullet in his shoulder. I didn't notice right away due to the commotion with everything else. Gunshots were going off everywhere, it didn't even occur to me that my best friend, no my brother would be shot.

It was then when I heard the blood curdling scream over everything I realized something went terribly wrong. Ella's scream was heart breaking, you could tell from right then that something happened and because of it she cracked. When my head whipped in that direction my heart stopped, my lungs closed, my focus disappeared.

I seen her first on the floor, she looked like the life was sucked out of her. She frantically was trying to stop the blood from pouring out of Declan's shoulder.

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