Chapter 1

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Chapter One

Stacia POV


"Stacia, Robbie. Can I have a word, please?"

I looked up to see my music teacher, Ms. Harris beckoning to Robbie and I. Robbie and I glanced at each other from across the room before we both cautiously got to our feet. We were both wondering the same thing: What had we done this time?

Robbie and I had known each other for years, our dads worked together and we had been in the same friendship circle since we started school. Robbie and I were sort of friends but not really. Sometimes we talked for hours, other times we could go for months without even acknowledging the other. When we got together though, we always caused mischief, especially in music. I strained my mind, what had we done?

"Why do you both look so confused and miserable?" Ms. Harris asked.

Robbie shrugged, "What'd we do this time?"

"Nothing, actually. Yes I know, a bit of a surprise isn't it?" Ms. Harris said lightly.

"So, why do you want to talk to us?" I asked warily.

"Well, Miss Anatacia Viktoria Zhar and Mr. Robert Blaise Ericson, you have been invited to sing in this year's annual St. Mark's Music Gala," Ms. Harris said using mine and Robbie's full names.

"What's a music gala?" I asked, feeling stupid.

"Well, every year the school holds one to showcase all the amazing talent we have. Now, we want you two to do a duet and a solo piece each. You can choose your own songs and the school band will play the music," she explained, still with that excited note in her voice.

I thought about it, it really did sound fun and it would look nice on my university application. I looked up at Robbie who towered over me in all his 6'1" glory. His moss green eyes locked with my ice blue ones. There was a mutual agreement, we both wanted to do this. Although there was a slight wariness too, could we really work together for an extended period of time?

"Well, I'm interested," Robbie said, turning back to Ms. Harris.


"Sure. It sounds great," I said with some actual enthusiasm.

"Fantastic! Tonight I want you two to work out what songs you are going to perform. Your duet and your solos, because rehearsals start tomorrow. Every Wednesday afternoon until closer to the date in June when we will need more of your time," Ms. Harris continued.

"Ok. Are there any preferences in genre, lyrical content or anything?" I asked.

"No, just nothing that swears or has too much...uh, well, nothing too inappropriate, okay?" Ms. Harris clarified.

"Fair enough. What time do rehearsals start?" Robbie quizzed.

"Straight after school until about 4.30-5 o'clock, alrighty?"

"Thanks, Miss," we said and both went back to our respective seats.

I spent the rest of my time in that class listening to my iPod to try and decided what I would do for my solo. After much consideration I decided I would probably do 'Malibu' by Miles Cyrus. I would do an acoustic version of the song and play a six-string to minimise how many people I would have to rely on when it came to the music.


At lunch, Robbie approached me, a serious look on his gorgeous features. He was the kind of guy who had really classically handsome features but with a quirk that didn't quite make him supermodel-worthy. He had that movie star jawline, strong brows and the most stunning green eyes you have ever seen. The catch, he had been chicken pox marks across his forehead from when he was kid. I had a boyfriend but that didn't mean I couldn't appreciate a male's good looks, just as long as that is all I did.

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