"Hey," I said with a smile.

"Hey, so, I was wondering about the Gala," Robbie sounded really nervous, which was new for him. He was always so self-assured, but not in an egocentric kind of way, more just confident in who he is. I envied that.

"Yeah?" I prompted.

"Well, I thought maybe I could come round to your place tonight and we can go over a few songs for our duet," he said in a rush. His eyes flickered everywhere but my face.

"Sure, sounds great. Mamma's making pelmeni tonight so you're welcome to stay for dinner," I said.

"What's pelmeni?" my boyfriend Braiden asked.

"They're dumplings," Robbie said.

"Beef and pork dumplings," I specified.

"Oh? Do they taste any good?" Braiden asked.

"Good? Mate! They're like a slice of heaven, 'specially Stacia's mamma's," Robbie said staring off into the distance for effect, drama nerd.
I laughed. Now this is the Robbie I'm familiar with, always cracking a funny and being super bloody dramatic.


"And who else's pelmeni having you tasted to compare?" I asked sceptically.

"Once when I had dinner at this Russian restaurant in the city," Robbie said with a smirk. Like I said, self-assured.

"Touché," I admitted.

"Ok, well, I'll be around at about 4.30, how's that?"

"That's great. See you then," I said as Robbie began to walk off.

Instantly, Braiden turned to me, "You have never once invited me to dinner." He sounded hurt.

"I'm sorry, he's a family friend and my mamma would have offered to let him stay anyway."

"You still never invite me around," Braiden said grumpily, yet slightly appeased. I struggled to not roll my eyes, he drops that bottom lip whenever he doesn't immediately get what he wants. It drives me mental sometimes.

"I'll check with my mamma and if we aren't doing anything you can come for dinner on Friday," I said.

"Ok," Braiden said with a huge grin on his face. Like I child in a lolly shop.

The rest of my day went without incident; my classes were easy: English and Drama. I had English with my best friend Emilia, and two of our other friends Natasha and Alicia. In Drama we were just doing small improvisation tasks; I was teamed up with Braiden and my friend Claudia. I noticed that Emilia was with Robbie, for whom she has a total thing for, and Nate. I sort of felt bad for Robbie, Emilia literally stalks the poor guy and spent most of English trying to convince me to let her come over tonight.

I caught bus B8 that afternoon, sitting next to Alicia as we bopped along to my iPod. I swear half the bus could hear the lyrics to the rock/electronic song we were listening to.

My suspicions were confirmed when I heard one of the younger girls in grade ten singing the words four seats back. The poor girl was trying to impress some guy with her singing ability; she sounded like a dying seal, which was being generous. The guy turned away from her and stared straight at me with a pleading look on his face. Poor Robbie, he lives only two streets away and unfortunately he was the object of this girl's affection.

I changed the song, hoping to stop the girl from singing, so I put on a pop/country song by this up and coming blonde singer. The girl stopped singing and Robbie threw me a grateful look and I smiled in return. This was a regular form of communication for us. Not necessarily talking but... I don't know how to describe it. We communicate in this way more regularly than I perhaps realise.

Alicia, however, did not appreciate the new song choice and she gave me a foul look, so I quickly changed it to a new top ten song which seemed to appease my friend. By four I was home; I said a quick hello to my mamma and went into my room to make a start on my maths homework. Slowly, I worked through the complex trigonometry questions until the doorbell rang. I stayed in my room and let my mamma or my older brother, Adrian, get it. Adrian was a year older than me and we fight and bicker constantly, but in a way only family can be and still be totally loving.

Adrian's head peeped around the door jam, "Robbie's here," was all he said before he sauntered off. Typical.

"Ok, coming," I called after him. I stood up and quickly stashed my books and pens back into the Sportsgirl bag that I use for school. As I hurried out, I grabbed my iPod and its dock so that we could go through some songs. I already had a few possibilities in mind but I wasn't too sure what style of music Robbie listened to.

When I came out into the lounge room Robbie and Adrian were sitting on the couch playing Halo 3 on the X-box. I really couldn't see the attraction guys had to Halo and to X-box's, personally I preferred PS3's but each to their own and all that.

I looked at Robbie expectantly. "Just one sec," he said, holding up one finger as he blew something to pieces on the screen.

"Whatever, I'm setting up in the rumpus room, come in when you're ready," I said, detouring around the couch so as not to get in their way.

Setting up my dock and iPod only took 30 seconds so I decided to select one of my playlists and relaxed to the comforting music, well comforting for me. I muttered along to the chorus as I waited patiently for Robbie to finish up his game on the X-box with my brother.

"Stacia! Turn that racket down!" My mother yelled from the kitchen, she hates my music.

"Sorry, Mamma," I said as I turned down the dial to a more comfortable level.

"Thank you," she called back. I continued to listen as I waited, not quite as patiently this time.

Somehow, my train of thought ended up at Robbie. When we were little kids we used to do everything together, as the years went on we drifted apart though. Now, we hardly talk, I don't even know what kind of music he listens to or anything. What I did know was that he was tall, a full foot taller that me. Robbie had dark brown hair that wasn't quite on trend nor did it look like he put much effort into styling it. It worked for him though. He was a footie player, league, and as a result had fairly defined muscles. Robbie also played guitar and loved to play practical jokes. That was pretty much all I knew about a guy I had known all my life.

"Hey, sorry about that," Robbie said coming into the room, startling me out of my reverie.

"No problem, so what kind of music are you into?" I said.

"Pretty much anything I really am not fussy, if it's good, it's good, no matter the genre in my opinion."

"I agree, one hundred percent. Do you have any idea's for our duet?"

"Ah, not really. You?" Robbie said.

"Well, I was considering..." We talked for almost and hour, playing different songs from both of our iPods until we finally found something we both liked. We chose 'Somebody Else' by The 1975.

"So what are you doing for your solo? I'm doing that new Miles song. Her comeback was epic!"

"Um, 'Mess is Mine' by Vance Joy," Robbie said.

"Ohmigosh! I love that song! It's probably my favourite by him. He is great in concert too!" I replied enthusiastically.

"Yeah, when I saw him it made me think about everything, life, the universe, you know?" Robbie added.

"Yeah I d-"

"Stacia, Adrian, Robbie! Dinner!" Mamma called from the kitchen.

Robbie and I packed away our things quickly before we went into the dining room and took our seats in front of one another.


Ok, so this is my first crack at writing my own story. Please tell me what you think. I welcome all criticism and compliments. Any advice is good advice right?

Thanks, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Gabbie Hannah.

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