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No ones pov
You wander around the shelter looking for the two leaders that recently saved your life. You had finally come to a decision on who you wanted to be your mate and you wanted to confront the both of them. Walking onto the the small field, you see the two of them arguing about something by the by the fence that separate the two enclosures. They were practically biting each other through the bars. You run over to the two.

Your pov
"What in the name of bloody hell are you two doing!" I swear sometimes I just want to hit these two. Yes I understand their the leaders of opposing waring factions and all but seriously? They both look towards me and I can tell something is on their mind. I'll ask them later "There's something I want to tell you." Well there goes my confidence. I can feel my cheeks ablaze and flustered. Taking another deep breath I look both of them in the eye. Megatron and Optimus both have stoic faces on and their tail is between their legs.

"Optimus, Megatron will you both be my mate? I'm sorry but I can't choose between the two of you I love you both to much."I close my eyes ready to hear fighting and arguing. But it never came. Slowly opening my eyes I see two smiling dogs with tales that are wagging so fast you'd think they had 9.

They both leap onto me and begin licking(kissing) my face. Wait where did the fence go? (Your welcome y/n) I can't help but laugh, why am I so ticklish. After a while they stop.

Optimus pov
Earlier, Megatron and I were fighting over y/n. She hadn't chosen ether one of us yet and due to this we kept arguing over who she would like more. Which led to us trying to rip each other apart. But when y/n intervened and told us she couldn't choose I don't know what came over me. I had to kiss her she made me so happy.

"Well I'm glad you love us y/n. Megatron I think it is time for an alliance." "Very well old friend."

Megatrons pov
Turning to y/n I smirk and say "So whose pups do you want to bear first.~ And if you can't chose you can bear both of ours at the same time~"

"MEGATRON!!" They both yell in unison. He y/n is just to cute

A/n sorry for the short ending but this is the real end of the book. I'm sorry but my attention is currently focused on a godformers x reader and I hate to leave things unfinished so I hope you enjoyed my story.

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