Chapter 41- home

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Zach's POV
"Babyyyy, I wanna go homeee" Jack says still hugging me.
"Okay, let's go tell Jonah that we are leaving and we'll get an Uber" I explain to him.
We stand up and I put Jacks arm around my shoulder so he won't fall. He walk over to Jonah.
"Jonahhhhhh!!! Your my bestest best friend everrr!" Jack says and hugs Jonah.
"Thankyou Jack," he says and turns his direction towards me as Jack let go of him, "looks like somebody got drunk." Jonah laughs.
"Definitely," I laugh, "we are getting an Uber to go home, see ya bro" I say walking away.
"Bye bestieee" Jack says.
Jonah just waves bye to us.

Time skip to when they are home at Zach's house

My parents are out for dinner so I won't get in trouble for this.
"Babe, can we cuddleee?" Jack asks me.
"Of course, love. Let's just get into something more comfy" I say.
I take Jacks shirt off and grab some of my sweatpants to put on as I take my shirt off.
"Omg your sooo sexyyyyyy!" Jack says with his mouth wide open. I blush.
"Thankyou Jacky" I say and pull up my sweatpants.
We hop in bed and Jack cuddles close to me.
"I wanna get married some day and adopt kids, they would be running around the house and we would be their parents. I love you soooo much Zachy, I wanna be with you for infinity years" Jack says.
A tear slips down my cheek from how cute he is.
"Oh no! Princess, why are you crying?!" Jack says wiping the tear off my cheek.
"Your just to cute" I say.
"I know" Jack says whipping his invisible hair while giggling. I laugh at him and we snuggle up next to each other and sleep.

Time skip

Jacks POV
I wake up in somebody's arms, Zach's arms. Damn he looks hot right now. I have a really bad headache and I can't remember anything from last night. Zach then wakes up as well.
"Morning babe" I say.
"Good morning" he says stretching.
"So... what I do last night?" I ask.
"Well you got very drunk and you were being super cute. You freaked out about me kissing your cheek, called Jonah your bestie, we left, then you explained how much you love me and how you want to stay with me for infinity years." He says with a giggle. I laugh. "Drunk people usually never lie soo... that's all true" I say with a laugh.
Zach kisses my lips and we make out for a couple seconds.
"I love you princess"
"I love you too Jacky"

This chapter was kinda shitty but it's still cute.

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