Chapter Eleven | Stand By Your Man

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Csy insisted on Cash's HOS as the mode of transportation to Baron Toltec's home.

"Consider it a power play," they had said.

The Therian was dressed as a human again. Cash had noted in the few days they had spent together that humans seemed to be a particular favorite costume of theirs. When asked Csy had simply replied, "Humans have the best theater." and offered no other explanation. This evening they had chosen to appear as the androgynous Hamlet Cash had first seen them as but this time their clothing was a degree more garish. A silk kimono of deep blue and nothing else, save for the high heeled boots that went up to their mid-thigh and the delicate gold necklace that hung down to their navel.

Cash drove her HOS through the winding, and often narrow, streets of Lead Belly at a casual speed. She could feel Csy's arms wrapped securely around her waist, their fingers tangled in the front of her duster. Neon lights reflected hauntingly in the puddles of rain that had been left by an afternoon storm as they hovered by. Unlike Boss' estate at the edge of town, a large portion of the city's more wealthy aristocracy chose to live in extravagant condos so that they could more easily keep up with the joneses and coalesce without having to interact with the rest of the population. The skyscrapers were as varied as their occupants. Some made entirely of plexiglass, others guilded in expensive metals or reminiscent of long-gone eras in design. Skyways arched between them so that the upper class did not even have to descend to the earth to walk amongst the rabble if they so chose. 

Baron Toltec lived in the penthouse suite of Highrise Plaza. A building as unimaginative looking as its name implied. The large concrete tower was an imposing and stark thing compared to its flashy neighbors but almost all of Lead Belly's elite owned a condo there. Perhap as a result of its reputation for being highly secure and not likely to burn down, blow up, or fall over.

Cash parked her HOS and helped Csy to dismount. The Therian ran one hand over their short, dark, pixie cut and adjusted the seam of their kimono to lay more suggestively. Cash offered them an elbow and Csy accepted, heels clicking against the concrete as they approached the entrance.

"Who are you here to see?" The doorman asked, his eyes hovering over Csy with curiosity and skepticism.

"Baron Toltec," Csy breathed. Cash could practically taste the pheromones oozing off of them.

The doorman's brow furrowed. "He did not notify me of any planned visits this evening."

"Oh, he wouldn't have," Csy flashed a dazzling smile, "It's a surprise."

The man looked dubious but he lifted his walkie talkie to his mouth. "Desk can you buzz the Baron and ask if I should allow Mr...Ms..uh Mx..."

"Just, Csy."

The doorman coughed. "Csy, in?"

There was a crackle as the desk responded. The doorman blinked rapidly and then entered the code that would allow them to pass through. They were immediately halted by another layer of security.

"Weapons," said the brute of a guard in front of them.

"Not necessary, darling," said Csy as they flounced toward the x-ray that must have clearly showed the lack of anything on their person as the guard observing the feed blushed profusely and did not look up from the computer.

Cash on the other hand let out a dramatic sigh and began to disarm. In a few minutes the plastic tote sitting on the table before her held one average size pistol, a tiny revolver she kept on a holster hidden just inside her boot, a bowie knife, a small knife hidden in her other boot, three throwing knives she kept on the inside of her duster, and a single shot derringer she kept up her sleeve. The guard was looking at her with something short of admiration as she strode through the x-ray. Much to everyone's surprise, not the least of which hers, it did not set off any alarms.

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