Kara Danvers- Christmas Wedding (c)

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When you had first imagined your wedding day, it was far from what you actually found. You thought it'd be a big Spring Wedding, filled with loved ones and happiness, a huge celebration to bring a joyous start to a hopefully long marriage. Although love and happiness were all around, there was only you and your bride along with the officiary. It was a smaller ceremony that you had thought but you knew that there would be a larger wedding for your loved ones to attend, but the official ceremony was happily just for the two of you.

It was a selfish want. You and Kara wanted to share such a beautiful day in your lives alone, not that anyone would want to go to a wedding that was on Christmas Day. You both loved winter and Christmas time and all you wanted was to have that survived through your marriage.

The ceremony was held in an old manor hall, no one fighting to get your date, and most of the employees of it not being there due to being with their families instead. You hadn't needed to worry about decorations, not that you had any guests to see them, rather both being happy to be surrounded by the festive decorations that were proudly presented from all of the Christmas parties that had extended throughout the month.

A quick wedding, no need for fanciful fluff to appease your families, rather just the necessary words that got you the certificate that you needed. With the speed of it, maybe you would have been better of in Las Vegas with an Elvis lookalike, rather than spending a fair amount on getting your hall but it was how you wanted it and you weren't interested in changing a thing.

The officiary left you once your lips locked and the paperwork was signed, leaving the two of you in your white gowns to spin around the room, appreciating the moment in the others arms.

"I'm glad to call you my wife," you grinned, having not been able to weaken your smile since she had seen her that morning.

"As am I," she smiled in return.

Even without music, the two of you swayed to your own tune, not needing anything but each other to enjoy your Christmas wedding.

"At least we will never forget our anniversary," you chuckled.

"I wouldn't want to forget this day ever," Kara stated. "Merry Christmas, my wife."

"Merry Christmas."


Written by Charlotte.

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