"Demir, you can't fight like this anymore, ever"

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Summary : Demir got in a fight... again. But this time, Selin is not having it. (I am so heartbroken by the end of the show. I hope this helps a little bit. Tell me what you think <3)

Why was this happening, again? Demir was not one to fight for no reason, he was a well educated boy who was raised in private schools. He was not a guy from the street, looking for troubles. But it was happening again, him, in the middle of a fight, with Vedat and Ibo. Just like that night where they had dinner together and ended punching men's faces in the middle of a restaurant. This time, they were just having fun on a bar, talking about their jobs and their girlfriends - their favorite subjects when they were together - when it happened. Out of nowhere. And it was not their fault at all. Well, at least that's what they would all say coming back home later that night. 

Demir was showing to his two friends an article written in a national newspaper about their agency and its success. Part of the article mentioned Demir and his capacity to rebuild Artemim after the chaos created by Burak and Eylul. The journalist wrote about how they legally took actions a few months ago, how Demir cleared his name and how both Burak and Eylul left, almost ruined for the first one, back in London for the second one. And the paper was also talking about Selin and how much Demir could count on her. Actually, the whole article was about their power couple, Demir even let the photographer take a picture of them together in front of the office. Proud of this achievement, proud to see the love of his life by his side, praised for her talent and her patience, he couldn't stop talking about it. That's when everything went down that night. One group of guy - apparently used to fight according to that giant scar one of them had on his face - started making fun of him. Actually, not on him, but on her. And they were not making fun, they were disrespecting her with awful words. Words that no boyfriend ever wants to hear. 

"Look at him dude, this pussy talking about his hot girlfriend", "Yeah, I understand why he is bragging about her though, I'd like her sexy ass in my bed too." 

Vedat and Ibo immediately tried to stop Demir from doing any move. They knew him well too much. They knew he was a calm and focused guy, except when it came to Selin. Seeing his friend's fist in position to punch one of the guy, Vedat put his hand on him, to calm him down, asking him silently to let it go. If this group of men didn't kill them first, it would be their girlfriends and they were way scarier. "Demir, don't", he whispered, looking at his friend, whose whole mood changed to a dark and angry man. "Relax dude", said Ibo, who really didn't want to fight anyone that night. It took Demir a few seconds but he finally decided to be mature enough not to answer any of the guys. At least... until one of them pushed him over the edge by talking once again about Selin. 

"Oh look, he doesn't want to fight. He wants to come home all clean. But what if when he comes home he finds his lovely sexy hot girl in his bed, with another man. Could be fun, I'm on my way". Demir didn't think twice before punching the guy just behind him. He was already sweating from anger, his body shaking not from fear but because he wanted to destroy each one of them, one by one. 

"Ah shit, here we go again", said Vedat, giving a look at Ibo before joining Demir in his fist party. The two groups started their fight inside the bar but quickly went outside, in a small alley, then fighting on the floor, against some walls, hitting parked cars... It took them approximately five minutes to get rid of their enemies of the night. And five more minutes to collect themselves. 

"Ah Demir !", screamed Vedat, half angry, half annoyed by his friend. "Look at my bloody shirt now. Damn what am I going to say to Merve". Same for Ibo who was laughing at the situation but clearly mad at his friend. "Demir, maybe you should start Yoga and stop your martial arts or whatever you call it". Sitting on the floor, his lips bleeding and his eyes already starting to get  a blue color, Demir didn't really want to laugh. He was still pissed and so angry at those freaking men disrespecting his girl. And he also knew Selin wouldn't be pleased at all, once back at home. 

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