Laurel Lance- Mistletoe (c)

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"Why does our house look like Santa threw up in it?" You heard Laurel shout from the front door as she entered the house.

You quietly laughed to yourself, knowing the rest of the house would be far worse than the hallway that Laurel had seen. Since she went to work this morning, you had got out all of your Christmas decorations that you had been accumulating over the last few months and decorated every inch of your home to show the most festive cheer that you could. Although Laurel enjoyed Christmas, the state of your home seemed only suitable for someone who lived and breathed festivities and would probably destroy anyone else's love of Christmas due to the amount of decorations that were in such a small proximity.

"For heavens sake," she huffed as she made her way through into the doorway of the living room where you currently were, basking in the gorgeous Christmas wonderland that was your home.

"Have you raided the North Pole?" She questioned, looking around the room, seeing the obnoxiously sized Christmas tree that had pretty much no branches on them that you could see due to the amount of tinsel and baubles.

"I like Christmas," you said innocently, standing up from the cushion clad sofa.

"I like Christmas," she retorted. "But this is another level."

You shrugged your shoulders. You had always liked to go all out for Christmas but this year you had exceeded anything you had ever done before. It was your favourite time of year, so of course you wanted to make the most of it as you would have another year before you could do the same again.

"Do you not like it?" You questioned, slightly concerned that she hated what you had done with the house.

Laurel let out a sigh. "It will take some getting used to but it's not a bad thing."

A smile curled onto your lips, glad that your work wasn't for nothing.

"There's something I don't think you noticed," you grinned.

Laurel cocked an eyebrow at you, not knowing what the hell you were talking about. You pointed to the plant that hung above her head in the doorway.

"Mistletoe?" She laughed.

You nodded you head, wrapping your arms around her neck, so that you could stand on your tiptoes, and press your lips to Laurel's.

"I love you Laurel," you smiled.

"I love you too."


Written by Charlotte.

Tumblr Request.

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