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In this scenario, you will have two love interests both after you! For example, Izuku loves Len, but so does Mirio, so they battle to win his love! And a small love triangle happens, you feel me?

Please tell me who your second love interest is before we begin.

There was something off about (crush) recently, they seemed to be more... nicer towards you. They always offered to take you places, help you with work, and slide you a few gifts here and there. Not that you didn't enjoy it, but it just appeared out of no where.

Meanwhile, (crush #2) was growing jealous and envious that (crush) was getting so close to you, so they started doing the same things they were doing. You honestly were a little lost, you didn't know how to feel, and you certainly didn't know what to do about it.

One day, (crush) came up to you and asked you out to a movie after class was over. (crush #2) crept up behind you two and chuckled, saying it was a coincidence that (crush) had said that, then also asked you if you wanted to go out somewhere that same day.

Who do you pick? What do you do?

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