Chapter Twenty-One: Interview

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The man purse his lips close, forming a thin line. "Where am I? Where is (y/n)?" the brown haired man asked. We stepped closer, making him flinch away. I chuckle, "How ironic, I was going to ask the same thing." I cast a small smile on his way. But he did not let any of his emotions escape, making it hard to read his expression. "Threat." he spoke, a tone of giving us a message. A warning. "We are no threat. We saved you." I narrowed my gaze.

He looked away from me and let's out a suspicious glare behind me. Sebastian. I look around and I was indeed correct, whoever this man is does not trust Sebastian. "Simon, get this boy away from me." he said in a commanding tone, "How do you know my-" the man look back at me with desperation on his eyes. "Please." he plea as I heard Sebastian scoff, "I'm out." Sebastian raised a hand and formed a little waving motion and left the room.

I look at the corner of my eyes and saw another camera. They are watching. I look away and began to walk closer to the man, "Zach. My name is Zach, he said, casting a glance at the camera. I gave a nod to his way, giving out a small smile. The man that goes by the name of Zach looks back at me. "I do not trust this place. This...this give's me an uneasy feeling." Zach commented.

I put a hand on Zach's shoulder and replied softly, "Zach, it must just be from the faze. I promise you, you will get used to this place soon." Zach shrugged off my hand on his shoulder and gave me a death stare. "This place is a threat. Dangerous." Zach replied back with furrowed eyebrows. "Okay, Zach how about starting off by telling me what is happening?" I ask with a hint of politeness.

Zach casts a glance at the camera's then back to me. "I am telling nothing. I'm sorry, Simon." Zach bowed his head. Simon. Did (y/n) told him about me? "How did you know my name?" I asked instead, making Zach look up. "She told me about you. A lot." Zach almost crept out a smirk, but held it back. It made me want to smile, to ask what. Do not be distracted, Simon.

"Zach, tell me everything. Pleas," I plea, but he only ignored me. I await for his answer for what felt like hours until I felt bored and let out a deep sigh. "Very well. I'll talk to you tomorrow on, have some rest." I say. and just before I could twist the doorknob open, I heard Zach's voice. "Simon." he said my name like a strict father.

I turned his way; lifting up a brow. Zach opened his mouth but no words came out as he purse his mouth shut once again. "Nothing." Zach sigh. Suspicion linger through me, something was telling me that something is up. But what? I don't know. I nod my head, giving him one last small smile as I left the room. When I closed the door, I saw Sebastian leaning at the wall beside Zach's door.

I crossed my arms and cast a glance at him, him doing it back at me. "Surely there's a word 'privacy' in your dictionary, do you not?" I ask. Sebastian only chuckle, "We must always keep in watch of him. We cannot risk letting a monster be free." Sebastian said.

"He is not a monster. He seems nice." I said. "Seems." Sebastian pointed out, "Still." I glared. Sebastian only shrugged his shoulders and began to walk away, "Arguments with me are useless. Nothing can change my mind, old man." he chuckle at my call name and walked down the stairs.

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