twenty five

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•Izuku Midoriya pov•
I snuggle to the comforting warmness, It was summer yet I felt weirdly cold. Katsuki turns around and kisses my forehead. "Good morning beautiful" He says and my eyes flutter open. "Good morning Handsome" I say and let out a little chuckle.

"Should we go and check up on our little princess?" Katsuki says and I yawn and sit up, stretching my arms out "mhmmm~" I let out and he chuckles, grabbing my face and giving me a peck. I smile at him and shift to his side and hug him.

He hugs me back "having a lazy morning my queen?" He asks and causes me to chuckle "wow little princess and cheesy and clinche what has happened to my 'kacchan' " I say and chuckle and he chuckles as well "this is all your doing..You were the one who soften me" He says and I smirk "ohoho really?" I say touching the tip of his nose with my finger tip and smiling.

"If highschool me saw, This Kacchan,she would pass out" I say and get up grabbing my clothes from the floor. "And If Highschool me saw that He'd probably be dying from nosebleeds" Katsuki says, shamelessly eyeing my from up to down. "Oh shush..This is your doing" I say and throw my clothes at him and decide to take a shower first. "And proud of it" He adds and gets up with only an underwear on himself, he traces the bruises he caused on my neck and collar bone.

"You are so unfair,you still have something to cover yourself with!" I say and pout walking in the bathroom and him following me like a puppy "Well you seemed tired and I had a little energy" He says and smirks victoriously. I roll my eyes playfully "you monster now get out I need to shower" I say pouting feeling embarrassed.

"Shower?! Without me?!" Katsuki says offended and I chuckle "comee onn get out!" I say and he locks the door behind him "nope" He says and I give up.


Katsuki was now blow drying my hair as I relaxed while sitting. " sorry" He mumbles and I open one of my eye "I don't want to become pregnant again I thought I had to give you a little lecture to not go by your instinct..we could've just came out of the shower and safely do it" I mumble.

He looks away and chuckles "yea..But you are suppose to experience everything don't you think?" He says and I chuckle "Bakugo Katsuki!" I say and He chuckles "okay okay sorry I'll keep it in mind, your right Kinuko is still young, we need our full concentration on her" He says and I nod "mhmm-hm" I say and He softly plants a kiss on my hair that was almost all dryed up.

After my hair was dry I get up and give him a gentle kiss. He kisses back and I smile "I don't hear any crying but let's check up on Kinuko" I say and Katsuki nods and walks ahead and I smile walking after him.

He opens the door to our daughter's room, a small white cridle in the middle of the room,toys in the corner, a small closet and all sorts of stuff in a pink coloured room. We walk to her to see her sleeping peacefully. It was about 7 am right now and she was sleeping peacefully.

I look at her, her hair green like me,her beautiful blushy cheeks, freckles and small lips like Katsuki. I look up at Katsuki and smile warmly before hugging him once again "I am so happy Katsuki" I say and he smiles "me too" he says and lets out a little chuckle "let's have some breakfast? I am feeling hungry" He says and I smile nodding, making our way out of our daughter's room.

The End


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Word count: 760

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