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Name: (first, last)
Age: (15-18 for students, 20+ for adults please)
Quirk: (pleaseplease be descriptive)
Crush/Love Interest:
*Height: (Please use ft)
*Weight: (Please use lb)
Hero or Villain:
Double or Single?; Double basically meaning I play your crush, and you play mine
Single meaning you would only like me to play your crush and thats it Whichever you'd prefer!

Semi-Important Question;
MUST Be Answered If We're Doing Double;

ok look guys you gotta tell me if you're comfortable playing as All Might— Here I'm basically asking "Will you roleplay All Might for me?" I love that man so much and I've been dying for someone to roleplay as him for me :(( just add a little thing in your form saying something like "I am uncomfortable playing as All Might but I will gladly play Izuku/Mirio for you"

I would appreciate it if you made your form a bit descriptive 💕

It may take a while for me to add in characters and scenarios so please be patient!

My Oc;

Name: Len
Surname: Sully
Age: 32 or 16, depending on the roleplay/character you play
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Quirk: Teleportation. Len can teleport long range distances in a matter of seconds. He wears slightly skin tight clothing (while out in battle) to avoid any delays. The less heavy clothing he has, the more easier it is teleport and move around. The more he uses his quirk, the more tired he becomes. He can teleport himself and other objects, but that takes more effort and power, especially if the objects are huge.
Personality: Len is a sweet and caring person. There hasn't been a time where Len went one day without giving someone a helping hand, he's just too friendly for his own good. He loves making people smile and giving them something to look forward to in life. Despite his outgoing personality, he's really shy around new people and won't make the first move. Overall, he's just a shy and sweet guy who just wants to help people.
Crush/Love Interest: All Might, or Izuku Midoriya or Mirio Togata
Height: 5'8
Weight: 140 lb

Crush/Love Interest: All Might, or Izuku Midoriya or Mirio TogataHeight: 5'8Weight: 140 lbAppearance:

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Art by the amazing @/sinnamonsenpai
(@/sinna_roll_arts on Instagram)

Hero or Villain: Hero

Likes: Len enjoys hanging out with others and having a good laugh. He just loves being out and around his friends. He's also a fan of music and art, and even draws in his free time. He likes traveling and going places to see all the beautiful sights in the world. Animals are also this guys weakness, he'll pet every cat or dog he sees just because.

Dislikes: Len dislikes people who cause or start drama, he's not into that so he tries to avoid those types of people who want to get themselves in trouble.  He hates negativity, abuse, controlling people, you know, all the basic things that most normal people dislike.

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