Is Intimacy Too Much Too Ask For?

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You can attain intimacy with or without a lovemaking session. And, you can have sex with or without intimacy. Sex with intimacy is the engine, which shall make a relationship sing. Lack of intimacy and sex means the relationship is being held together by something unhealthy perhaps the condition of fear or mutual dependency might be alarming.

Sex provides a wonderful way so as to connect with one another for experiencing an ecstatic moment or luxuriate in the sensuality of a partner's body on being high with P Force. Intimacy like condition is the experience of true closeness to another, true knowing and also while knowing it. This condition might elevate sex to some spiritual level.

It might take a mechanical act no matter how alluring the condition might be and further, it might turn to an act of love.

The Field of Intimacy

As it is mentioned elsewhere, while finding ourselves in the field of intimacy, control is lost in the classic way that is attained on the consumption of P Force. Once you are intimate, you are emotionally intimate, and it is not going away any time soon. The person who you are intimate with can be a source of the greatest validation and closeness. He or she might also be the source of infinite pain.

No one might hurt you like the person with whom you are sexually intimate.

The great paradox of intimacy might eventually leave the couples confused. You might really love her, but her criticism shall hurt you too. You might really love him, but how can you have sex with someone who might leave your bathroom messy daily? It may be trivial, but when you feel intimate, you are also open to disappointment, irritation, neediness, self-righteousness, and also feeling intruded.

· When you fall in love, first you fall in love with the love itself

· Then you fall in love with the person as an individual

The challenge of intimacy is that you must transition consuming P Force to truly loving a person, and then ecstatically having sex with them. 

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