29• The Mystery Girl Not So Mysterious

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29• The Mystery Girl Not So Mysterious

CELESTE had somehow weaseled her way into my first period art class

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CELESTE had somehow weaseled her way into my first period art class. She said she would rather die than go to her actual class. Really, she just wanted to partake in a 90-minute gossip session with me and Tree. All while I worked on my next art project for the class. It was a concept piece and also the final project for the semester. Tree wanted everyone in the class to create any form of art with the concept "What is love?" I groaned when he mentioned the idea and he just shot me a knowing smile. He knew exactly what he was doing. Regardless, I worked on the piece while Celeste raves about her date with DeShawn last night.

"—and after dessert, he said we should take a walk in Downtown Newport. We just walked along all the shops. You know, they're setting up Christmas lights. I heard the tree is going up in the square soon. It's going to be so romantic," Celeste chatted on.

"Christmas is the most romantic time of the year," Tree agreed. "This DeShawn seems to really like you."

"God, I think so too!" Celeste gushed. Her smile was glued to her face. I don't think she'd ever smiled this much for so many days in a row. Weeks, even. Ever since Fall break, which was now over a week ago, her and DeShawn had been hanging out often, causing Celeste to be incredibly happy and bubbly.

"Alex over here never has much to say on the subject," Celeste grumbled.

I looked up from my work. "I think DeShawn is into you. I think he's a good guy, too. What more do you want from me?"


I kept working on my painting. "Oh, Celeste. I just love you and DeShawn together. I think you two are the cutest couple to ever set foot on this earth. Definitely my OTP. I wish I could be you!"

She reached her hand over and flicked my head so I glared at her. "You are awful," she muttered. "But I love you anyway because I know that you love DeShawn and I together just as much as I love you and Alexander together."

"Oh yes. I have heard plenty of Alexander gossip," Tree said. "I was very surprised to learn that they made things official."

"You talk about me like I'm not here," I said. "But I am here. In your art class. The class that I am actually supposed to be in, unlike some other people."

"Oh, hush!" Tree exclaimed. "Celeste is free to sit in here any time. At least she has a romantic bone in her body."

"I have a romantic bone," I defended. "One. Somewhere in my body's anatomy. Celeste has, like, a bunch of romantic bones."

"This is true," Celeste agreed. "I have a romantic soul and Alex does have the slightest bit of romance hidden inside of her. That's why she can kiss boys and go on dates with them, but she's still weird about it sometimes."

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