Chapter One

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Chapter One

Beth’s POV

I laid down on the bed and glared at the white ceramic ceiling. My stomach growled and I sat up and glanced around the hotel room. My black suitcase sat in the corner of the room, clothes and makeup spilling out of it. I pouted, missing home but knowing I needed to do this.

I grabbed my phone from the side table and unlocked it. I shied away from the bright light slightly, the backlight contrasting the peaceful dim of the night. I cringed before my eyes managed to focus and adjust to the light. I read the time and groaned. Three am. I should not be awake.

I hopped out of the bed and grabbed a pair of jeans from the floor. I sniffed them, deciding they were cleanish. I pulled them on, and a cream jacket, before grabbing my hotel key and phone before leaving the room.

I walked out the hotel and down the road, knowing exactly where I was going. The place I had been going every night for the week previous. I walked down the dark streets quickly, until I found the third house on the left. The house with the picket fence. The house with the plush green lawn. The house with the white and black exterior. The house that belonged to one Kellen Waters.

I crept around to the back of the house and into the garden. I had worked out straight away where the dark places of the garden were; so that I couldn’t be seen from. I reached the tree at the end of the garden and, like all the other previous nights, climbed up it. I got comfortable on a high branch, which was obscured by rich green leaves, and watched the top left corner.

The light was dark, I’m sure he was sleeping. But as if on cue the light snapped on. I smiled as I saw him come into view. I saw the perfect Kellen Waters come into view. I was smug when I saw him topless. There really was no one more perfect in the world that Kellen Waters. Sorry, Professor Kellen Waters PHD.

His dirty blonde hair was messed and slept on, and his grey eyes looked around in confusion. He ran a hand down his face, grazing his unkempt blonde stumble and perfectly defined jaw. He wet his lips and I think I swooned a little bit. Kellen opened the window and I smiled. He could feel me there, I knew it. He didn’t know it himself, but I know he did.

He took a sip of water before he got back into bed and the light flicked off again. I didn’t mind, it was enough just to see him for those brief seconds. I sighed loudly as I rested my head against the trunk of the tree. Seeing him for that inferior length of time was enough to calm me enough. I began to think of the first time I saw Kellen…

I yawned as I walked into the convenient store on the corner of the street. It was hot outside, boiling in fact. All I wanted was a drink. I knew it was bad idea to have gone for a run in such extreme weather, but I restless and needed something to do. After the fight with my parents I had taken off. Run for days on end.

I ended up in the city. I knew I shouldn’t have left with things as bad as they were with my parents, but I needed space. So after the argument I had simply walked out my house, shifted into my trusty white wolf, and ran away. I knew running was bad, but I needed to get away from a while.

I sighed, wiping my sweating forehead with the back of my hand, before I walked into the shop. The door dinged, announcing my arrival into the family run business. I walked to the far corner of the store, to the refrigerated section. I grabbed a bottle of water, loving how the cold felt against my clammy palm.

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