Follow up

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You groan when the blaring ringtone of your phone woke you up. You groggily picked it up and brought it next to your ear.


"So? How was he? He's perfect right?"
You snorted.

"Yeah perfect, a perfect disaster that is. What the hell made you think was a good idea to put me and him together? We are nothing alike!" You heard a confused 'huh?' from your matchmaking friend.

"What happened?"

"Oh I'll tell you what happened, he doesn't speak to me at all. He made me feel like I was held at gunpoint, any wrong move in doing the oh-so-graceful table manners, I'm gonna get shot. That's how it was. This Crap went on for three whole hours. What the hell is he anyway? A CIA agent? Why is he so scary without acting stupid? Why did he arrive earlier than me?"
You kicked your blanket away and sat upright.

"He was a strict lecturer in Ethereal University of Arts. He got rich off his own books and stopped working there." You raised your eyebrows.

"No wonder, he's a damn English teacher. And English teachers are a pain in the ass to bear with."
You sniffled. "I bet he would have made me write 'I will not use my salad fork on a meat dish' over and over until a thousand times and make me sit in the shame corner to reflect on what I have done or something."

"Haha. Very funny (y/n). He isn't a preschool teacher, he is a lecturer. The ones that speak in a large auditorium, don't care if the students understand or not. Talks about English classic literature and all that. Narratives, prose, emotions, you know, the stuff that English Majors do."

"Okay okay, I geddit. Never got his damn name. How did he get mine? Wasn't it supposed to be a blind date?" (F/n) exhaled forcefully through her nose.

"He paid me extra to know, ahem. Most things about you before pairing up, he apparently hates surprises. His name is M. Evanet Vasilios. He publishes English and French novels."

"What does 'M' stand for? And why he agrees to be paired up with me?" (F/n) gave a forced laugh.

"Oh hon, I can't tell you what the 'M' stands for. You need to find it out yourself. If I do tell you, the man is going to beat the shit outta me."

"How the hell am I gonna find out when he doesn't even like me?"

"Says who? I called him to follow up and he told me he likes you very much."

"He what?"

"He likes you."

"No way."

"Yes way, he wanted another meeting with you. Expect a call from him later because I sold your phone number to Mr. Vasilios. The day you find out what the 'M' means, the day he trusts and loves you enough to get on his knee and propose a marriage."
You widened your eyes in shock.

"Hey, you can't just sell my information, That's illegal!"

"So is your hemp garden, (y/n). Come on, he paid for my services and you didn't. So it's only fair that I seize every opportunity to make money off you. I am doing you a favor, I don't owe you anything. But you owe me something. And that something is your information."
You smack your mouth and grit your teeth.

"Touché, touché. What the hell made me appealing to him anyway?"
(F/n) cleared her throat.

"SO many things, (y/n), you were like the only puzzle piece that fits Vasilios's."

"You're SO full of shit, (f/n)."

"He was looking for someone he can control, easy to put a leash on. Vasilios is a 'top' looking for his 'bottom' that's obedient and stays obedient. He has a bunch of old-fashioned views too, such as: men are only allowed to chase after women, never the other way round, both men and women should not show too much skin when going outside, the woman should be completely dependent on the man, etcetera. You fit all of those like a glove."
You grimaced.

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